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May You Have a Day: Making Everyday Better With the Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Does it feel like the world isn’t making sense? 

Are you hoping things will get better? 

Are you searching for truth?

If you are struggling with spiritual questions about living in this material world…if you want to know more about the true nature of your soul…or the reason you’re alive…if you want to learn how to how to develop a life-path rich in meaning and joy, this book is for you. May You Have a Day features 120 chapters containing simple, practical messages so you can begin to apply Rebbe Nachman’s spiritual teachings from the very first page. Read a sample chapter.

It also makes the perfect Chanukah or Hostess gift! (More Breslov gifts coming soon!) Order your copy today.

The teachings of Rebbe Nachman address so many of the challenges we are dealing with today, from anxiety and depression, to our search for joy and meaning. I credit Rebbe Nachman’s teachings with changing my life, and I want to share them with you!

What are people saying about this life-changing book:

“Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that over 100 copies of May You Have a Day have been distributed to incarcerated Jewish women by the Aleph Institute. I truly believe that this book will be life changing. If there is one thing that Rebbe Nachman gives us above all, in my very humble opinion, it’s that he gives us our humanity back while generating a path to be closer to Hashem. The biggest question Daniel [my husband] gets when he visits the jails is: “Is redemption possible for me?” I feel the answer to that question is presented in almost every lesson [in this book.] Lauren Zahavi, MSEd, DC, Dacacd, Florida (Donated over 100 copies of May You Have a Day)

“Great idea to give these books as a gifts for a bridal shower.” Hillary B., New York

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Editorial Reviews:

“…what I have seen is fantastic. You have a real gift. Continue and may Hashem bless you greatly. May many people benefit from this clear and beautiful expression of the deep teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.” R’ Avraham Sutton, Author of Spiritual Technology, Anatomy of the Soul, The Breslov Siddur, etc.

“I read parts of May You Have a Day by Chaya RivkaZwolinski, and was very pleased to see that it presents in a beautiful andclear way, many of the most important teachings of Rebbe Nachman. The authorhas been deeply immersed in studying and teaching very practical and usefulteachings that can really help people today. I extend my sincere best wishesfor continued success and I’m sure that every single page of this book will havebeneficial life-changing effects on the reader.”
Rabbi Nasan Maimon, Founder, a leading Breslov online learning program

“A fresh and innovative approach to going day by day with adifferent idea culled from the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. One can then matchthe patterns of any day to a specific chapter in the book, thus bringing light,hope and victory in overcoming that day’s challenges. Yashar Koach on thisamazing work!”
R’ Meir Elkabas, Breslov teacher and founder of BreslovTherapy

“In a generation defined by an enormous thirst for spiritualconnection as well as an ever-shrinking attention span, Rebbetzin Chaya RivkaZwolinski’s “May You Have a Day” is the perfect tool to fill all ourdays with warmth, meaning, lucidity, and elevation. In this treasure of a book,Rebbe Nachman’s life changing lessons are conveyed into bite-sized messages ina manner that is both engaging and down-to-earth. In rendering the tzaddik’srevolutionary ideas into modern terms, Rebbetzin Zwolinski has given ourgeneration an awesome gift! This book is sure to leave a smile on your face anda dancing flame in your heart. Wishing you a Breslover day!”
R’ Yaakov Klein,author of Sparks from Berditchov and founder of the Lost Princess Initiative




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