Breslov Coaching With Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

“Life’s obstacles are sent to increase desire.”

 Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

“I believe that this work we do together should be effective in helping you live a more joyful life, gain more insight into yourself and your relationships, and develop personal spiritual awareness.”

 Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, BreslovCoach

A Note To You

Dear Friend,


You are here for a reason. Your life is precious and your one-of-a-kind neshama (soul) is beloved to Hashem. My mission is to share Rebbe Nachman’s tools (Breslov teachings) which will help you on your path of self-discovery. Joy-building is a binding thread that runs through this work we do together.


Talking to another person from the heart, without a script, is an unpremeditated path of personal growth rich in serendipity and Hashgacha Pratis (Divine Providence.) Traveling this path can help you reach new places of insight and development. Whether it is called counseling or coaching (or something else entirely), focused yet flexible discussion illuminated by Breslov insights, can help you develop both spiritually and emotionally and repair and bring joy to your relationships – with Hashem, with other people, and with yourself.


I invite you to join with me in the healing work of self-discovery, growth, and joy, I”yH.


Chaya Rivka Zwolinski


What Clients Have to Say About BreslovCoach


Stephanie Roth, LCSW – Clinical Psychotherapist, NYC, NY


As a licensed psychotherapist for nearly thirty years with extensive clinical training, part of my work is assessing other therapists. For several years now I’ve taken Chaya Rivka Zwolinski’s classes online and in person and I’ve had the good fortune to have her coach me as well.


Chaya Rivka’s insights into human behavior show she is a master teacher and coach. Her love of the Torah and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov comes through in all of her work. She expertly incorporates the wisdom of our sages to shed light on our fears, foibles and strengths. I believe she is a natural healer with a generous spirit, who hones in gently on the work we need to do, yet understands the intra-personal and inter-personal dynamics of our struggles. She is always kind, yet honest and gently guides you to be your best self.


Working with Chaya Rivka touches your soul and helps you transform to bring about changes in character – lasting changes. I highly recommend Chaya Rivka as a teacher and coach. May Hashem bless her to continue to share the light and wisdom of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.


Sara Y, Bet Shemesh, Israel


Chaya Rivka, using Rebbe Nachman’s advice, helped me realize that my dreams of “finding a treasure buried underneath the bridge” was really inside me all the time. She helped me focus on the good points as I slowly revealed the priceless gem that is myself. In a relatively short time, Chaya Rivka, with genuine love and concern, took me from despondency to high-achievement capacity. She was also very supportive when I was ready to continue on life’s journey and “graduate” from coaching using the provisions I had acquired during our time together. Chaya Rivka is humble, warm and a shining example of what true love for a fellow Jew is all about! My wish for her is that Hashem grant her the energy to continue helping Their mutual children, as it were, and to reap the fruits of her rewards in this world and the next.


Yocheved Greenfield, LMSW, Psychotherapist, Jerusalem, Israel


I have known Chaya Rivka for a few years as a friend and mashpia, and have turned to her for aitza when difficulties have arisen in different areas of my life.

Being a clinical therapist, I know the importance of delving into our own inner world and voice and enhancing our own positive resources in order to maximize our potential.  These tools help us overcome what might initially appear to be an internal or external setback we have. Chaya Rivka has this gift of guiding others in this manner by intertwining both her personal insight and intuition with the deep knowledge of Rebbe Nachman’s Torah to any realm of life.


P.L., Licensed Psychotherapist, NYC, NY


For a period of nearly six years I sought help for depression that was affecting both my personal and professional life. As a therapist of many years, I was reluctant to admit that therapy wasn’t helping me. In 2010 I happened to read a gem of a book called Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better, and Move On, written by Dr. and Mrs. Zwolinski, which elucidated some of the problems I had been encountering in therapy. I finally decided that therapy would not supply the answers I personally needed and began searching for a spiritual solution. I began to read about Breslov Hasidut.


About two years later Yossi Katz, the director of the Breslov Research Institute, suggested I reach out to Chaya Rivka Zwolinski. I was thrilled to recognize her name from her book and contacted her. I began phone chavrutas with her for an hour a week and she’s been mentoring, advising and learning with me ever since.


Within a few months of beginning what I think of as “therapy for the soul” with Chaya Rivka my life began to improve and my depression began to abate. I even brought a lot of what I was learning into my work with my own clients. I attribute this all to personal changes I was able to make during my time with her.


I can’t say the process of change wasn’t painful, at times deeply so, because it was. But Chaya Rivka was always there for me, guiding me on my unique, personal spiritual path, with honesty and straightforwardness, qualities she encourages each of us to work on.


Rebbe Nachman’s lessons and the hitbodidut practice Chaya Rivka helped me develop, combined with her deep insights, have helped me to strengthen my self-esteem, increase my ability to find joy in life, and continue to inspire me.


S.F., (Five Towns), NY


I was struggling in my marriage after only two years and unhappy with my relationship with my husband. Mrs. Zwolinski counseled me before marriage and I decided to ask for her help again. This time we got the permission of my husband’s Rav to speak to Mrs. Zwolinski together. She helped us set goals for our relationship and used lessons from Breslov Chasidut to move us toward our goals. The sessions were effective and even enjoyable. Mrs. Zwolinski helped us reach the goals in as little time as was realistically possible which we really appreciated…our relationship is growing stronger every day.


Debbie S., Jerusalem, Israel


In spring of 2015 Chaya Rivka Zwolinski became my coach, counselor, and teacher. I had been struggling to understand the many painful situations in my life with almost no success. I always seemed to end up back where I started.  Our sessions began on Skype and at first, I was always in tears. As Chaya Rivka listened to me talk over whatever was bothering me, she would suggest simple goals in Torah study and prayer, and also more complex goals in personal actions that I might want to try to help me find Hashem in my darkest depths and begin to make changes. She always seemed to have an insight or lesson from Rebbe Nachman which was exactly what I needed to hear…I’ve seen an improvement in my ability to handle conflict. I feel much less anger and sadness and I’ve grown in spirituality. Now I feel Hashem is with me all the time. I also finally feel ready to remarry and recently began dating a wonderful man, someone I would not have been ready for without Breslov coaching. If I had to describe BreslovCoach with Chaya Rivka it would be “transformational.” Words can’t begin to describe my gratitude.


BreslovCoach: Book a Session 


To book your BreslovCoach session, contact me at

A full hour session of BreslovCoach with email/text follow up as needed is $130.00.  (There is a sliding scale of $110 to $130 as needed.) A half hour session is $70.00. Session fees are payable via PayPal. No minimum number of sessions required, book your session today and change your life!


BreslovCoach Q & A


What is Breslov Coaching?


In brief, Breslov Coaching is an individualized exploration of your unique life path which will help you achieve a sense of wellbeing, meaning and connection in many life areas, especially your relationships with Hashem, with other people, and with yourself.


What is the basis for this work?


Breslov Coaching is rooted in the psycho-spiritual teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. The tools the Rebbe offers to each individual person are profound. His wisdom, insight, and knowledge of the psyche touches the mind, heart and soul. I believe no other course of study or practice is as rich in opportunities for personal growth and soul-healing. 


Can Breslov Coaching help me set and reach goals?


Yes. We may begin with a discussion of what issues you feel are important to you right now. Together we can discover and define your goals. We can also work with a less goal-oriented approach, which may be helpful in many cases. Each person’s needs are unique.


What issues will I be able to focus on in Breslov Coaching?


The focus of the work we do together is about understanding and connection. Topics that we can address from a psycho-spiritual perspective may include self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, marriage and intimacy, family and children, building a healthier emotional life, self-knowledge and self-image, finding your true calling (career development and personal goals), middot development, addiction-related issues, fears and phobias, anxiety, depression or other emotional issues, achieving balance, and more.


How is BreslovCoach different from other coaching programs?


Unlike other programs or credentials, Breslov Coaching is not a program, system, formula, or set path. I borrow the term “coaching” because it is a term everyone recognizes, however, the work we do together is unique to you. Together, we can set up parameters that are comfortable and affordable for you. If you are looking for a system, method, or formal game plan, you might prefer another type of counseling or coaching. You must choose what’s best for you.


Is there a discount for buying packages of sessions?


No. Nor is there ever any pressure to purchase a specific number of sessions. 


Is BreslovCoach therapy?


Breslov coaching, like all good counseling, is therapeutic, but it is not psychotherapy. My professional experience especially as a speaker and writer in the field of behavioral wellness, and training in kosher evidence-based psychotherapy and holistic healing techniques, is helpful to the work we’ll do together.


What issues can you help me with? 


BreslovCoach has helped people make breakthroughs at work or home and find the motivation they need to achieve balance and success. BreslovCoach has also proven extremely helpful to people who’ve struggled with a variety of deeper issues including generalized anxiety disorder; social anxiety; phobias (flying phobia, social phobia, agoraphobia, phobias related to intimacy, etc.); borderline personality disorder; PD-NOS; depression; and addiction (substance abuse as well as behavioral addictions.) BreslovCoach has helped people with painful pasts discover the good points inside themselves, find peace and resolution, while returning to a place of spiritual connection and joy.


How did you get involved in coaching?


My work began as an organic outgrowth of being a teacher and mentor to women and girls. As my work in this area became more complex, I began to study and write about motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and client-centered therapy. I also studied Social Work Research at the graduate level. Previously, I’ve taken graduate level coursework in TCM, and studied numerous holistic health topics, in addition to other areas of study. I have been writing about Breslov thought, emotional wellbeing, and behavioral health for nearly a decade; holistic health and mind-body topics for three decades. I’m the author of May You Have a Day: Making Every Day Better with the Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. I am also the co-author of the best-selling Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better and Move On (HCI), a patient-centered therapy book which has been used as a text in both undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as co-author of The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide to Help You Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior. I also wrote for for ten years.


What’s your motivation for the work you do?


I want others to benefit from the life-changing teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov as I have done myself. In other words, I want to give back. I believe that this work we do together should be effective in helping you live a more joyful life, gain more insight into yourself, and develop stronger relationships with Hashem, other people, and yourself. 


Do you teach Breslov Coaching?


Breslov Coaching is unique for each person. Others can and should have their own approach. Also, I personally have never found one-size-fits-all systems or methods appealing (in any healing discipline.) However, if you benefit from specific systems or methods, and they work for you, go for it. Each person is an individual. Do what works!


What are Breslov Coaching fees?


The fee for a coaching session is a sliding scale of $110 to $130. Included is a coaching session of 1 hour, and follow-up emails and/or texts on an “as available” basis. 


How can I try Breslov coaching? 


Contact me to set up your first appointment at or text to 917-348-1573. Take the first step towards a fresh start!


Note: If someone is experiencing a debilitating emotional, mental-health, or addiction issue, I suggest getting an evaluation by an experienced, qualified, therapist with a solid Torah perspective and if possible, a background in Breslov and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. Any professional should be able to tell you what their successful outcome rate is. For help finding an effective therapist, it might be helpful to use the tools in Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better and Move On (Without Wasting Time or Money); HCI Books. At the same time, working on the spiritual aspect of recovery from emotional problems or addiction is absolutely vital.