Teaching, Workshop, and Coaching Recommendations

Rabbi Chaim KramerFounder and Executive Director, The Breslov Research Institute

 Recommendation from Rabbi Chaim Kramer

Susie Kessler, Director of Makom at JCC Manhattan

 Recommendation from JCC Manhattan, Director Susie Kessler, Makom

Rabbi Dovid SearsDirector of The Breslov Center of NY, A Project of Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma, HaRav Elazar Mordechai Kenig, zt”l

Recommendation from Breslov Center Dovid Sears 

Rabbi Eliezer TrenkRabbi, Sofer, and Teacher, Yeshiva Torah Vodaas

Recommendation from Rabbi Eliezer Trenk

Chaya Rivka Zwolinski’s classes, coaching and workshops are recommended by Rebbetzin Aidel MillerThe Ayin Tova Rebbetzin, Jerusalem

You rocked the house! You gave over an incredible, inspiring teaching to the Klal. Beyond your availability with Breslov Research Institute’s breslovcampus I hope you will continue with these public forums! The world is hungry for Rebbe Nachman – now more than ever. This is a period of great atheism and people’s souls are starved. Thank you for making this possible.

May all your efforts be blessed!

Gil Bashe, Chairman of the Breslov Research Institute

Chaya Rivka’s writing workshops, based on Rebbe Nachman’s stories and his teachings, help students access and connect with the core of who they are and also address their life-struggles, ultimately leading them to connection and deep insight.
As a clinical psychologist with a history of working integratively with multiple models including: psychodynamic psychotherapy, internal family systems, EMDR, dialectical behavior therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy, I was amazed to learn of the healing power of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings. Having worked with individuals, couples, and families dealing with a myriad of issues, I had held a steadfast belief that therapy is the one true path to healing and moving forward.
Chaya Rivka’s BreslovWoman programs based on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings don’t in any way diminish the value of or the progress my patients make in psychotherapy, however they are revelatory: they help a person connect with the core of who they are, both spiritually and psychically, thus expediting the healing process in a manner not matched by psychotherapy, because therapy does not delve into our spiritual essence with the same degree of directness and depth.
Chaya Rivka’s classes help bring Rebbe Nachman’s approach and key teachings to life, illuminating each student’s individual journey, in a forum that inspires trust and connection with our Creator, ourselves, and each other. Chaya Rivka is a true treasure and a gift to all who get to experience her teachings, mentorship, guidance, and coaching and I am beyond grateful to know her and have her in my life.
Karen Chava Rosenfeld, Ph.D., Psychologist, NYC

As a licensed psychotherapist for nearly thirty years with extensive clinical training, part of my work is assessing other therapists. For several years now I’ve taken Chaya Rivka Zwolinski’s classes online and in person and I’ve had the good fortune to have her coach me as well.

Chaya Rivka’s insights into human behavior show she is a master teacher and coach. Her love of the Torah and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov comes through in all of her work. She expertly incorporates the wisdom of our sages to shed light on our fears, foibles and strengths. I believe she is a natural healer  with a generous spirit, who hones in gently on the work we need to do, yet understands the intra-personal and inter-personal dynamics of our struggles. She is always kind, yet honest and gently guides you to be your best self.

Working with Chaya Rivka touches your soul and helps you transform to bring about changes in character – lasting changes. I highly recommend Chaya Rivka Zwolinski as a teacher and coach. May Hashem bless her to continue to share the light and wisdom of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Stephanie Roth, LCSW – Clinical Psychotherapist, New York City

I have gained a tremendous amount from my learning with Mrs. Zwolinski. She has shown me real depth and meaning in Azamra that I had not seen on my own. Our learning has enabled me to integrate this piece of Torah from Rebbe Nachman in a way that has benefitted my “relationships with others, with myself, and with Hashem.” I also have brought the concepts that we have learned into my classroom and feel it enhances my teaching.

2017 Update: I am still so grateful for our learning. I actually did an art journaling class two weeks ago on Azamra where I shared some of the Torah and then the women created post Yom Tov vision boards (but coming from a really positive place after our learning.)

Yonina Schlussel, High School Teacher, Torah Academy, Milkwaukee, WI

For me and so many others, Chaya Rivka Zwolinski’s classes and articles provide the “missing link.” She’s shown me how to apply everything I’m learning from lectures and books in a meaningful, practical way. Most importantly my relationships with others have improved and I know that this is because I have improved my way of seeing others.  Chaya Rivka teaches us “how to get there from here.”

Rachel Weiss, Graduate Student, Brooklyn, NY


I have known Chaya Rivka for a few years as a friend and mashpia, and have turned to her for aitza when difficulties have arisen in different areas of my life.

Being a clinical therapist, I know the importance of delving into our own inner world and voice and enhancing our own positive resources in order to maximize our potential.  These tools help us overcome what might initially appear to be an internal or external setback we have. Chaya Rivka has this gift of guiding others in this manner by intertwining both her personal insight and intuition with the deep knowledge of Rebbe Nachman’s Torah to any realm of life.

A particular situation that stands out was when I was looking for a job in Eretz Yisrael for many months with no progress. As always, the first advice Chaya Rivka stresses is to do proper hisbodedus on a daily basis. I started doing that. About two weeks later we started learning Torah 9, the Rebbe’s discourse on Parsha Shira and the connection between Krias Yam Suf and parnassa. Immediately after incorporating these two aspects into my life I started seeing revealed Hashgacha Pratis in my life. I got an interview and was hired for a great job in my field within that week!

Yocheved Greenfield, LMSW (Therapist), Jerusalem

I have learned from Chaya Rivka for some years. Her lessons are really helping me to have a better understanding of myself, of why I act and re-act the way I do to certain situations. I am working on correcting myself, and have had some successes and of course, times I didn’t succeed as well as I would have liked. I just keep working on this over & over. Rebbe Nachman is my real encouragement to keep trying and never give up on myself.

Sandi Grenier, Munfordville, KY

Chaya Rivka, using Rebbe Nachman’s advice, helped me realize that my dreams of “finding a treasure buried underneath the bridge” was really inside me all the time. She helped me focus on the good points as I slowly revealed the priceless gem that is myself. In a relatively short time, Chaya Rivka, with genuine love and concern, took me from despondency to high-achievement capacity. She was also very supportive when I was ready to continue on life’s journey and “graduate” from coaching using the provisions I had acquired during our time together. Chaya Rivka is humble, warm and a shining example of what true love for a fellow Jew is all about!

My wish for her is that Hashem grant her the energy to continue helping Their mutual children, as it were, and to reap the fruits of her rewards in this world and the next!

Sara Y, Bet Shemesh

I am inspired by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski’s ability to teach Rebbe Nachman’s lessons applied to the challenges of contemporary society. Her lectures are well-researched and delivered in a warm yet modest style that makes you feel like you are in her living room. I pass on some of her amazing insights from the Relationship series in teaching my art therapy students in the college classroom. Looking forward to enjoying more of these shiurim from BreslovWoman.

Atara Grenadir, Artist, Art Therapist, College Professor, and Author of the Naturally Breslov cookbook, Brooklyn, NY

Mrs. Zwolinski has been a guiding light for me in almost every area of my life. Her words of wisdom, encouragement, and love for Rebbe Nachman’s teachings have left a lasting impression on me. I am eternally grateful for all the time she has so generously invested in me, all the amazing classes she gives, and for her professional insight. She really goes above and beyond for all her students and friends. She should be blessed with many more years of health, happiness, and success.

Yehudis Gerin, Mom and Artist, Tsfat, Israel

For a period of nearly six years I sought help for depression that was affecting both my personal and professional life. As a therapist of many years, I was reluctant to admit that therapy wasn’t helping me. In 2010 I happened to read a gem of a book called Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better, and Move On, written by Dr. and Mrs. Zwolinski, which elucidated some of the problems I had been encountering in therapy. I finally decided that therapy would not supply the answers I personally needed and began searching for a spiritual solution. I began to read about Breslov Hasidut.

About two years later Yossi Katz, the director of the Breslov Research Institute, suggested I reach out to Mrs. Zwolinski. I was thrilled to recognize her name from her book and contacted her. I began phone chavrutas with her for an hour a week and she’s been mentoring, advising and learning with me ever since.

Within a few months of beginning what I think of as “therapy for the soul” with Mrs. Zwolinski, my life began to improve and my depression began to abate. I even brought a lot of what I was learning into my work with my own clients. I attribute this all to personal changes I was able to make during my time with Mrs. Zwolinski.

I can’t say the process of change wasn’t painful, at times deeply so, because it was. But Mrs. Zwolinski was always there for me, guiding me on my unique, personal spiritual path, with honesty and straightforwardness, qualities she encourages each of us to work on.

Rebbe Nachman’s lessons and the hitbodidut practice Mrs. Zwolinski helped me develop, combined with her deep insights, have helped me to strengthen my self esteem, increase my ability to find joy in life, and continue to inspire me.

P.L., Licensed Psychotherapist, New York

I was struggling in my marriage after only two years and unhappy with my relationship with my husband. Mrs. Zwolinski counseled me briefly before marriage and I decided to ask for her help again. This time we got the permission of my husband’s Rav to speak to Mrs. Zwolinski together. She helped us set goals for our relationship and used lessons from Breslov Chasidut to move us toward our goals.  The sessions were effective and even enjoyable. Mrs. Zwolinski helped us reach the goals in as little time as was realistically possible which we really appreciated. It is a few months since we had our last session and our relationship is growing stronger every day.

S.F. (Five Towns) NY

If I had to describe Breslov coaching with Chaya Rivka it would be “transformational.” 

Debbie S., Jerusalem, Israel

Chaya Rivka is perceptive in understanding the nuances and deeper meanings of human behavior from both a psychological and Torah perspective. She excels in acknowledging the inner strengths of her students while also challenging them in areas in which they most need personal growth. 

Yocheved (Elizabeth) Lathrop, College Professor, Atlanta

I want to tell you how much I have learned from Chaya Rivka Zwolinski’s class on relationships at BreslovCampus.org. Her class was instrumental in helping my emunah. I live in Baltimore MD and have to drive through the city. [In our one-on-one sessions] Chaya Rivka has shown me how to speak to Hashem and trust Hashem at all times. I had to drive past a [tragedy] on the street and kept speaking to Hashem. This is emunah in action. I have been applying the lessons to my life. Thank you for helping me to strengthen my “emunah muscles.” It is life-changing!

Judy E., Baltimore

About Articles & Posts

Breslov Repair Kit at Breslov.org: Your integration of Reb Nachman & Breslov-understanding of human perspectives & emotions goes beyond what so many people think about when reading “self-help books or blogs” —and does so in a mode that blends complex & deeply “real day-to-day” knowledge and experience that everyone struggles with to some degree. So many of the “self-help-therapy-books/blogs” tend to fall short when combining concepts that are complex, while staying grounded so as to relate to anyone– the beginner, the expert, the young or old searcher, or those with severe issues of personal /psychological difficulty.

… from my perspective your writing & teaching is meaningful in ways that go beyond those of both the successful authors or experienced-therapists who don’t seem to combine your realistic approach that allows “anyone to easily relate” to the quotes/responses & issues you convey. Especially the sense of “real day to day wisdom” that while it is of “Infinite” source material, you’ve put such wisdom/understanding into words that are clear, & filled with a sense of how we all share “common” or universal struggles –That are often too difficult to bridge-the-gap between those with understanding–and those needing knowledge & understanding.

Often just communicating these issues is the main problem, let alone the difficulty of dealing with the issues & problems themselves.

Keep up the great work, Shalom, it’s much appreciated.

Rob Mykoff

BreslovWoman: The Azamra series gave me the information I needed to finally make this Torah in Likutei Moharan real for me. Until I read your articles and reread them I only understood the concepts and ideas intellectually. Now they are self-actualized in my life and I understand them with my heart. You’ve helped me bravely walk my own narrow bridge—thank you.

Michal D., Queens

Breslov Repair Kit at Breslov.org: I love this article! A good trick I started with was to imagine that the person who pushed my buttons (traffic wardens giving out parking tickets, etc.), just won the lottery. I forced myself to give him/her such a blessings.

Malka, Brooklyn

Breslov Repair Kit at Breslov.org The vast majority of your posts speak directly to me. It’s like they were written just for me. I can’t thank you enough for sharing the incredible words of Rebbe Nachman. They touch my heart, bring me joy, and help me see the “blues” (depression) for the “trickster” it really is.

Yael, Jerusalem