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Spiritual & Physical Healing w/the Tzaddik Audio Class LM 164

Rebbe Nachman’s lesson number 164 in Likutey Moharan discusses soul healing, the role of the Tzaddik, and how one receives the elixir of life for both spiritual and physical healing.

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Healing with the Tzaddik LM 164 Jan 15 2020

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Wednesday Jan. 15 Breslov Class: Understanding Our Resistance

The Secret to Overcoming Fear and Anxiety LM 154 (Audio)

Scroll down for the audio of the Wednesday, Jan. 8 Breslov lunchtime class at noon (NY time.) Please note: There were technical issues with the call-in program and there is a short time in the middle of silence. Because of this we are also missing a paragraph or two of the lesson, however the main points of the lesson and the takeaway ideas are all in there.

Next week’s class is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 15, noon, topic TBA.

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Breslov LM 154 January 8 2020 Chaya Rivka Z

NEW – Phone Class Starting this Wednesday, January 6

What If You Don’t Feel Gratitude? Spiritual Nutrition, Growing YOUNG & More from BRI Breslov

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New Videos, Audio and Written Posts from BRI Breslov & Chaya Rivka Z.

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Parshat Va’Etchanan: Start Your Search Today (Article)

The Baal Shem Tov says that wherever we’re standing, no matter where that place is, a person can start searching for Hashem right NOW…read more here.

Do You Want Emunah? (Video)

Only One Truth (Audio)

Avoid The Evil Eye (Video)

Audio: The Exchanged Children, Class 2

Class 2 of The Exchanged Children, July 17, 2019
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