Mashiach Book: Hope for Turbulent Times

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From the introduction to Mashiach: Hope for Turbulent Times:

Do you have a sense that the world is racing towards an unavoidable turning point? That’s because, according to thousands of years of Jewish wisdom, it is. We are seeing the evidence with our own eyes. Since the publication of the first edition of this book, Israel has been under attack, and antisemitism is on the rise. Jews are being verbally and physically attacked in the streets of Israeli, American and European cities.

In general, people are more polarized than ever before. What are they arguing about? The economy, racism, the global pandemic (vaccination, masks, policy), climate change, Israel and the Middle East, national and international politics, and more. Parents and students are finding it difficult to cope with swift and dramatic changes to the educational/intellectual landscape and in many cases, educators and parents are on opposite sides. The legacy media seems to be dying a slow death as many people turn to independent sources for their news, making it easier than ever for people to access both accurate and inaccurate information.

Depending on where you live, work, worship and what media you consume, you may believe that the economy is being strangled by pointless policies or you may believe that government regulations haven’t gone far enough. In some cities, local governments are still enforcing economically-crippling laws put in place during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic while many small and medium-sized businesses have closed their doors forever. We’re also seeing prices of gas, food, lumber and other goods skyrocket.


“A comprehensive and reader-friendly format…this short book presents the concept of Mashiach and a discussion of what it means to anticipate his arrival, based on reliable and relevant sources. May this book clarify the concept of Mashiach and instill true hope in his imminent arrival!”

R’ Meir Elkabas

Founder of BreslovTherapy

Chaya Rivka has written another amazing book that makes things sound so easy, but there is always hope. Please let Mashiach come soon!