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Read Free & Believe in Yourself (Sample from New Breslov Book)

by chaya rivka z

It’s Elul, the time to prepare for Rosh HaShana, the Jewish new year. Women are learning May You Have a Day on their own and together with friends and family. They tell me a chapter or two a day is making a real difference in their life. (There are 120 chapters!) Read a chapter such as the one below. Share your thoughts with a friend, relative or a child. Talk it over with Hashem. Get started. You never know how far you can go unless you begin.

From Chapter 114: YOU

Rebbe Nachman says that your biggest obstacles are in your mind. You must believe in yourself and push through the undermining thoughts you have about yourself. Sometimes those thoughts are obvious, and sometimes they are deeply hidden. Rout them out and banish them!

Do you understand how important you are and how important your life is? Do you
realize your true potential? Each person can achieve her own kind of spiritual greatness, but most of us (perhaps you?) simply don’t believe we’re capable.

Wake up every day and think about the purpose of your life. This doesn’t have to be heavy and weighty and feel like a burden. This can be joyful and light and increase your enthusiasm. The main thing is to recognize who you are and where you are headed. In order to have this awareness, you must believe in your spiritual importance. Believe in the fact that Hashem made only one you. He gave you a unique soul and your soul is accomplishing something in this world that no one else can possibly accomplish.

May you have a day in which you believe in your true potential.

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