Getting Unstuck

IMG_3785How can we get out of our bitter heaviness? How can we release our heavy hearts? What can we do when we’re paralyzed by indecision? How can  we know which path to take—in career? Spirituality? Relationships?

Who do we connect to when we feel a lack of connection?

Who do we turn to  when it seems like there is nowhere to turn?

The Torah teaches us to turn to Hashem and to turn to the Tzaddikim.

There are three stages of connection to the tzaddikim and by means of these three stages, everything is rectified. —Kitzur Likutey Moharan, 4

Stage One: See the tzaddik. Travel to the tzaddik, his holy grave site (and learn his life-changing teachings.) Doing so helps us free ourselves from being stuck in bitter sadness/indolence and soul-harming physical desires.  These correspond to the elements of “mineral” and “vegetable.”

Stage Two: Give at least a coin or two of tzedakah to the tzaddik (or related charities.) This helps us stop speaking negatively and helps us break free from any taint of haughtiness, which block all of our relationships—with God, with others, and with ourselves. This corresponds to the “animal” and “human” elements.

Stage Three: Pour your heart out to the Tzaddik. Today we do this at the tziyun (gravesite) in Uman, because the soul of a tzaddik is present by his burial place.

Confess the deepest secrets of your soul. Tell the tzaddik your misgivings and errors. Ask him to help you connect to Hashem. Doing this clears your inner space—and you’ll find that you’ll be able to hear the still small voice inside, the one which will direct you on the right path in life. You’ll be ready to take the profound first step, the one you need to comprehend and complete your personal life mission.

If you’re traveling with the BRI’s Women’s Uman Experience this November you may sense that you’ve received a personal invitation from Rebbe Nachman.

And you have.

It’s an invitation to “clear the air” inside, and reveal and celebrate your good points.

As we travel together, we’ll discuss the inner work, described above, and you’ll have the opportunity to come to a new understanding of yourself, your relationships, your life. You’ll tap into the power of Joy and return home renewed, refreshed and inspired.

For more information, email me, Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, at Everyone’s welcome–including you.uman-tzion









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