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Sense and Spirituality Breslov Video

Wednesday Jan. 15 Breslov Class: Understanding Our Resistance

You’re Invited This Tuesday Night (April 2) for Breslov in Manhattan

NEW: Audio Mini-lessons Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies

41 When Hashem Is Concealed Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

42 Arizal’s Yartzheit Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

43 Broken Hearted, Not Depressed Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

44 The Power Of YOUR Prayers Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

45 Parshas Devarim Judging Others Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

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Shabbat Shalom.

It’s Not Too Late…

For the experience of a lifetime, one that will touch your heart and lift your soul, join the Breslov Research Institute/BRI Women 3rd women’s trip to Uman.  This tour isn’t just a getaway but a life-changing journey of the soul designed for women like you who want to tap into the joy of spiritual adventure.

Call 347-471-1098 and experience Rebbe Nachman’s promise… Continue reading It’s Not Too Late…

Breslov Videos: Ayeh–Classes 5 and 6

Rebbe Nachman’s Ayeh: Class 5 with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski at BreslovCampus.org

Rebbe Nachman’s Ayeh: Class 6 with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski at BreslovCampus.org

Video & Audio Class 6: Azamra! A New Vision of Self and Relationships

Final class in the semester at BreslovCampus.org. We continue to explore the Tzaddik’s role in the world and in our lives, why connecting to the Tzaddik is essential to living with Azamra, practical real-life advice for how to make change a reality for you, and more.

For the rest of the semester’s video archives as well as other class archives and short inspiring videos from a variety of Breslov teachers, visit BreslovCampus.org.

AZAMRA! A NEW VISION OF SELF & RELATIONSHIPS – Class 6 from Breslov Research Institute on Vimeo.