A Little Bit Is Also Good

181823_2165Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s teachings are, among other things, a comprehensive, holistic self-actualization system.

Breslov Chassidus offers profound variations on numerous themes, ranging from practical to spiritual, from earthy to intellectually elegant. Though the ramifications are cosmic, each lesson is also personal.

While it’s true that each is part of a larger whole, each lesson, analysis, meditation, and prayer is important in its own right.

Even a little bit of Breslov has the power to set off spiritual rumblings that may shake the foundations of your deepest self. After only a brief period of learning Breslov, you’ll begin to understand the holy source of your soul, the value of the true you—and this understanding is essential to living a meaningful life.

If you are an ambitious self-starter, you can being with Meir Elkabas’ excellent Breslov Therapy guide, a how-to on creating your own self-development program.

But what if you want something a bit simpler? I ran this 3 step program by Reb Elkabas and he gave his enthusiastic approval.

How To Be Your Own Breslov Coach In 3 Steps

For women, getting in touch with the Divine spark of self isn’t all that difficult. Even though society has tried to snuff out our pure spiritual instincts, it doesn’t take much time at all for all the illusions to fall away, especially if we use heartfelt prayer as a starting point.

1. Start with Likutey Tefillot. These are the prayers that, at Rebbe Nachman’s request, Reb Nosson “made out of” the Rebbe’s lessons. You can use the English translation if you like. Use the index to find an issue that you want to work on, are curious about, or just resonates with you and find a prayer that features that issue. Read the  prayer all the way through, preferably aloud.

2. Find the corresponding lesson in Likutey Moharan. Or, you may use the Kitzur Likutey Moharan (the abridged version which contains important insights without lengthy explorations). Read the lesson. Again, aloud is best.

3. Return to the prayer in Likutey Tefillot. Say it aloud in full or part, this time using it as a jumping-off point to hisbodedus, your own personal conversation with God. It’s okay if you go off script, this is about YOU.

Hisbodedus utilizes the inherent power we have to connect with God. In fact, God created each of us and gave us this power of relationship as a gift. He yearns for us to talk to Him, to open our hearts to Him.

It is very good to pour out your heart to God as you would to a true, good friend, the Rebbe tells us.

Focus on these three steps: prayer and lesson and prayer leading to hisbodedus, over a period of six weeks or more, until you begin to feel you are living the lesson and the prayer. When you find that your everyday experiences become teaching moments, when you see your prayer come to life, when you experience deep, personal shifts, then you can begin with a new prayer and a new lesson.

You don’t have to do all three steps each day if you don’t have the time. Just try to go through the entire process a minimum of twice a week, though you’ll see more positive change if you do it more often.

But remember, as the Rebbe teaches us: A little bit is also good.

A little prayer, a little learning, a little connection.




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