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Video: Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom/Sichot HaRan

Learn Breslov with BRI Books series is dedicated l’iluy nishmas Tzvia bat Chaim v’Esther by her loving son and daughter in law, Gavriel and Chana Sneider.

Are you interested in Rebbe Nachman’s teachings? Would you like to make a fresh start with a brand-new way of learning that’s designed for you, personally? Are you curious about Breslov books, but not sure where to begin? Do you find the ideas within the texts inspiring, but aren’t sure how to apply them to your life? Then this course is for you.

Breslov Yom Kippur Mini-Lessons: Audio

Have a very meaningful fast. Gmar Chasima Tova.

84 Yom Kippur Forgiveness Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

83 Plans Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

81 Peace & Forgiveness Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

If you’d like to join the WhatsApp group and receive daily mini-lessons, use this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/0K6yMTGZyDyBvUI0WMpDQP


Ayeh–Shine A Light Class 1

In class one of Ayeh on BreslovCampus.org, we discuss our intellect and intelligence, exile, simplicity and sophistication, Hashem’s glory, Shovavim, and more.

Breslov Writing Workshop in Woodmere, NY

This Thursday: Breslov Class In Brooklyn with Rabbi Chaim Kramer

p-110-fireandwatersmallThis Thursday Evening (Jan. 5)—In Brooklyn, NY
You’re Invited to a Breslov Class for Women 
Join BRI’s founder, Rabbi Chaim Kramer, author of “Through Fire and Water: The Life of Reb Noson” as he discusses the passionately dedicated life Rebbe Nachman’s main disciple. Reb Noson authored important Chassidic works including Likutey Halachot, Likutey Tefillot (published in English as The 50th Gate), and more. This talk is in honor of his yartzeit, the 10th of Tevet.
Come be inspired!
Thursday, Jan. 5, 7:30 PM
Location: The Hertzig Family residence, 1501 59th St., Boro Park, Brooklyn

Uman For Women: The Journey Of A Lifetime

Every Rosh Hashanah men from around the world gather to be with Rebbe Nachman.
Now it’s your turn!



Join history-in-the-making this summer and travel with

The First-ever Breslov Research Institute

Women’s Mission to Uman
June 22 through June 27*

with Special Guests, BRI Founders, Breslov Pioneers Chaim and Gitta Kramer

The BRI Women’s Mission to Uman isn’t just a getaway but a life-changing journey of the soul designed for women like you who want to tap into the joy of spiritual adventure.

This is your personal odyssey: Strengthen your relationship with HaShem. Connect with the Tzaddik. Gain a richer understanding of who you are and where you’re headed.

Group leader Chaya Rivka Zwolinski of BreslovWoman.org, BRI and BreslovCampus.org will be your guide as you explore the rich gifts of the great Tzaddikim. You’ll discover the spiritual healing and blessings that heartfelt prayers recited at the graves of the Tzaddikim can bring. You’ll make hisbodedus among the very trees that Rebbe Nachman himself was inspired by. You’ll sing and dance, and so much more.

Beginners and long-time Breslovers alike will delight in a special Shabbaton with Breslov Research Institute’s founders, Chaim and Gitta Kramer. Reb Chaim will inspire you with the deepest Breslov Torahs and share a riveting personal account of the Breslov pioneers who broke through the Iron Curtain to Rebbe Nachman’s tziyun. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to schmooze and spend quality time with teachers and fellow-travelers.

Make new friends while traveling on a luxury bus. Stay in clean and comfortable accommodations (the best Mezhibozh and Uman have to offer) and enjoy delicious meals.

But time’s running out! For the experience of a lifetime, one that will touch your heart and lift your soul, BOOK YOUR UMAN WOMEN’S TRIP TODAY.

Email: UmanWomen@Breslov.org
*Leave from the USA/Canada June 22
Leave from Europe/Israel June 23

P.S. Don’t miss out, there may not be another BRI Women’s Uman Trip until Summer 2017 – Book Today!

Scroll down for pictures of Ukrainian sights and our recent men’s trip.


Thursday, June 23
Join tour in Kiev Airport
Board luxury bus with BRI’s Chaya Rivka Z. and Tour
Travel to Rav Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev
Travel to The Baal Shem Tov in Medzhibozh and Stay Overnight

Friday, June 24
Travel to Reb Noson in Breslov
Arrive at Rebbe Nachman in Uman
Visit Tziyun

Shabbat, June 24-25
Special Shabbat Program with the Kramers
Motzaei Shabbat, June 25
Musical Malave Malka

Sunday, June 26
Israeli Brunch with Reb Chaim Kramer
Hitbodedut workshop with Chaya Rivka Z.
Free Time/Shopping
Farewell Dinner

Monday, June 27
Return to Airport uplifted and inspired

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Azamra: Your (Spiritual) Inner Child

question-1433662For Asarah B’teves—The Fast of Teves and Reb Nosson’s Yartzheit
Sponsored by the Schulman Family in memory of and appreciation for Reb Nosson on his yartzheit.

“…in generation after generation, there exists a shepherd who embodies the concept of “Moshe, the faithful shepherd.” This shepherd makes a mishkan. And know, the little schoolchildren receive their pure, untainted breath of their mouths from this mishkan. –Likutey Moharan 282

The true tzaddik of the generation takes all the nikudos tovos, the good points, he collects from each individual person, and with this accumulated good, builds a mishkan for Hashem. This sanctuary is the source of the breath of innocent children, who’ve never been tainted by sin. With this pure breath of goodness, young schoolchildren begin their first study of Torah.

As she learns, this child inhales and exhales goodness. She connects to the Tzaddik. This child pours her pure self into Torah learning and receives even more inspiration (both definitions apply.)

This child is each and every young child.

This child is also the psycho-spiritual concept of the inner child. Your inner child.

And though you recognize the term, don’t be fooled—psychology’s inner child is a mere doppelganger for the true inner child. First brought to Westerners’ attention by Jung, the distorted secular concept of the inner child has been employed in self-limiting, decadent, or destructive ways by new-age therapists ever since.

Your Inner Child

One way to get in touch with your spiritual inner child is to begin Continue reading Azamra: Your (Spiritual) Inner Child