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Flawed? Perfect?

800px-Einstein_gyro_gravity_probe_bMay we possess no foolish, conceited thoughts…May we recognize our imperfections…

May we forget about our impressive family background and anything else that might make us haughty. Instead, may we stand before You like paupers, aware of our paltriness. 

—Prayer Number 97, Likutey Tefillos (The Fiftieth Gate, BRI)

“Please! I already feel so low, why do I have to speak to God about my imperfections? He already knows what they are. I already know what they are. (Boy, do I.)”

If you’re thinking this, I don’t blame you. Many of us put ourselves down, beat ourselves up. We focus on our flaws and this makes us feel terrible.

Why would we ever want to turn the spotlight on our imperfections? Continue reading Flawed? Perfect?

Reb Nosson’s Heart

At Reb Nosson's Gravesite in Breslov, Ukraine
At Reb Nosson’s Gravesite in Breslov, Ukraine

Nosson Sternhartz, known as Reb Nosson, was Rebbe Nachman’s leading talmid (disciple) and scribe. If not for him, we wouldn’t have the Rebbe’s teachings today, at least not in such detail. Continue reading Reb Nosson’s Heart

A Little Bit Is Also Good

181823_2165Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s teachings are, among other things, a comprehensive, holistic self-actualization system.

Breslov Chassidus offers profound variations on numerous themes, ranging from practical to spiritual, from earthy to intellectually elegant. Though the ramifications are cosmic, each lesson is also personal.

While it’s true that each is part of a larger whole, each lesson, analysis, meditation, and prayer is important in its own right.

Even a little bit of Breslov has the power to set off spiritual rumblings that may shake the foundations of your deepest self. After only a brief period of learning Breslov, you’ll begin to understand the holy source of your soul, the value of the true you—and this understanding is essential to living a meaningful life.

If you are an ambitious self-starter, you can being with Meir Elkabas’ excellent Breslov Therapy guide, a how-to on creating your own self-development program.

But what if you want something a bit simpler? I ran this 3 step program by Reb Elkabas and he gave his enthusiastic approval. Continue reading A Little Bit Is Also Good