WATCH VIDEO Psalm 13-Psychospiritual and National Exile; Prayer for Protection – w/Chaya Rivka ZwolinskiA 30 Minute Tehillim Class

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We explore the thirteenth chapter of Psalms with insights from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. See Psalm 12 on the Psalms for Life playlist:…

In this video:

Segula: Heal Illness, Especially in the Eyes; Protection from Tragedy and Trauma

Psalm 13, Verses 2-3 and The Four Exiles, and is connected to this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Mishpatim which you can view on the Radiant Torah playlist:…

“How long Hashem, will You always forget me?”
Babylon (Bavel)-DAMAGES- THE FIRE/ELEMENT OF FIRE/HUMAN REALM: destruction of the Beit Hamikdash by Nebuchadnezer, exile made shorter (only 70 years) because of Rachel’s prayers, the exile of “fire”, arrogance/haughtiness/anger

“How long will you hide Your Face from Me?”
Persia (Madai) – DAMAGES-THE TOOTH/ELEMENT OF WATER/VEGETABLE REALM: Purim, Achashverosh’s (Ahasuerus) feast, Esther, Mordechai, Mav’eh, the tooth, the exile of the “tooth”, eating for pleasure/lust for pleasures

“How long must I find counsel in my soul and sorrow in my heart?”
Greek (Yavan) – DAMAGES-THE OX/ELEMENT OF AIR/ANIMAL REALM: Greeks forcing Jews to engrave upon an ox horn that they didn’t belong to Hashem, Greeks talked “hot air” (philosophy, science, humanism, etc.) that are there to lure us away and replace Torah and Hashem, the exile of the ox, an exile in which our hearts are pulled two ways, one temporal pull towards the sophistication and “beauty” of Greek thought, celebrity, empty chatter, and the other, eternal pull towards Hashem and Torah

“How long will my enemy have control over me?”
Roman (Edom) -DAMAGES-THE PIT/ELEMENT OF EARTH/MINERAL REALM: Rome, this present exile, has lasted 2000 years, how much longer? Edom is a murderer of both body and soul, we live under Edom’s institutions and governments, “science” and schemes, but this is like an uncovered pit, always there, easy to fall into, to get stuck in.

And more…

Do you feel like it’s difficult to connect to Sefer Tehillim – The Book of Psalms?

Do you wish you knew more about their deeper meaning, how they were written, and why they are considered so vital to our spiritual growth and return to God?

In Psalms for Life, a weekly 30 minutes class, we’ll explore the historical, spiritual and textual richness of the Book of Psalms with Breslov insights and more. At the end of each class we will recite Psalms together as a merit for anyone seeking a Refuah Sheleimah, a complete healing/recovery.

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