How To Learn The Rebbe’s Gift Of Spiritual Growth

810361_43897535Rebbe Nachman often said he wanted very much for us to follow his teachings in the sense of taking one of his lessons and concentrating on it for two or three months at a time.

During this period, all our efforts towards spiritual advancement should be centered around the teachings in this particular lesson. And, all our prayers and meditations should be directed towards achieving the concepts it discusses. 

Happy is the person who takes this to heart. —Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom

The Rebbe gave us an everlasting gift which we can use to launch and enhance our spiritual growth. These are the psycho-spiritual teachings in Likutey Moharan.

If you want to start learning, choose a lesson in the full or abridged version. The abridged version contains the practical applications of each lesson with fewer complex mystical details.

After you choose a lesson that resonates with you (you can try this super-easy, quick method which can help you find the “one”), read it through from beginning to end. Then each day, read as much of the lesson as you can comfortably assimilate, perhaps a paragraph or two, or even, in the case of more complex lessons, a sentence or two.

Read it over and over again, until you begin to notice the lesson coming alive in your life. It might manifest in things you hear, things you see. Events may take on a new, richer significance. You will feel the point in time when the lesson has become a part of you.

Even if you’re crunched for time, 5 minutes a day of learning Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s teachings will make a difference. Think of it as lifting spiritual weights to build spiritual muscle!

Where Should I Begin?

One of the most popular lessons to start with is the Rebbe’s famous foundational lesson, Azamra. It is such an important lesson that many Breslovers learn it over and over again. It can really pick us up when we are feeling down.

Search Azamra on this site for articles, audio and video classes about this vital topic.




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