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New! BreslovMatch

BreslovMatch Launch Scheduled for Tu B’Av

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Intense prayer can help a person to find their marriage partner.

—Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Are we allowed to think of our own joy during these difficult times?


We’re all connected—when one of us is uplifted so are our sisters and brothers. When our personal darkness is reflected in the world’s turmoil, it’s vital to keep on praying, doing mitzvos, and seeking light.

Maintaining the hope and belief that spiritual joy will prevail in trying times is an important part of the Jewish spiritual path.

One of the most joyful mitzvos that is central to many aspects of living a Jewish life, is marriage. Building a warm Jewish home and family, one in which happiness shines, is something most of us naturally gravitate to. Continue reading New! BreslovMatch

What’s A Breslover?

boys-will-be-boys-1146660-mThere are no coincidences.

Every event in our life has meaning—whether we are able to connect the dots or not. Every sight we see, every person we meet, even every word we hear, exists to help us draw closer to our true purpose.* Continue reading What’s A Breslover?

What Does Your Love Amount To?

732128_72168845“Their love also doesn’t amount to anything”, that is, the love and friendship which exist among…the common mass of people. Theirs is not true love. Each one is only concerned with his own interests. Any expressions of love and friendship are purely a matter of show, in order to make a good impression, for ulterior motives.

In actual fact, everyone is jealous of everyone else.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Tzaddik, 471

The Rebbe goes on to tell us other uncomfortable truths about our standards of love, friendship, and jealousy. Continue reading What Does Your Love Amount To?

Reb Nosson’s Heart

At Reb Nosson's Gravesite in Breslov, Ukraine
At Reb Nosson’s Gravesite in Breslov, Ukraine

Nosson Sternhartz, known as Reb Nosson, was Rebbe Nachman’s leading talmid (disciple) and scribe. If not for him, we wouldn’t have the Rebbe’s teachings today, at least not in such detail. Continue reading Reb Nosson’s Heart

Does Shopping Make You Sad? (Really.)

1229519_55738725I don’t actually know any woman who doesn’t like to shop at least some of the time.

If you can’t stand shopping for clothes, you might like shopping for food.

If you loathe shopping for furniture, you might like trying on shoes.

If handbags are boring, what about books? Jewelry? Make-up? Food processors? Cars? Tchotchkes?*

The Shopping Drug

Shopping, window-shopping, browsing—whatever you call it—can be a drug. We have the ability to immerse, no, lose ourselves in that adorable clutch with the bead work or those sweet little striped espresso cups or that cute little bargain thingy—even if we don’t need it or want it.

Have we ever asked ourselves: Why are we shopping when we have a closet full of shoes or a perfectly good carpet in the living room? 
Continue reading Does Shopping Make You Sad? (Really.)