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Talking To Hashem (BRI Breslov Video)

Hitbodedut: Prayer & Self-evaluation (BRI Women Video)

See more videos like this at the BRI Breslov YouTube Channel.

Hitbodedut: Prayer & Self Evaluation (Video)

You’re Invited This Tuesday Night (April 2) for Breslov in Manhattan

Tuesday, Jan 29, NYC: Introduction to Hisbodedus

Sunday, Jan 27: Self Knowledge through Hitbodedut

This coming Sunday, January 27th, join BRI Women’s Chaya Rivka Zwolinski at the JCC Manhattan for:

Hitbodedut: Learning Who You Really Are through Rebbe Nachman’s Prayerful Approach to Self-Knowledge  

Most believe self-knowledge is essential, but many question if it’s really possible and Continue reading Sunday, Jan 27: Self Knowledge through Hitbodedut

Breslov Videos: Joy–The Key to Healing & Breath and Hitbodedut

From the BRI Women Breslov Healing: Mind, Body & Soul Shabbaton, 2018 with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski.