Student’s Creative Writing from the Breslov Contemplative Writing ZOOM Workshop 3

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This beautiful piece is from the prompt for Kaptzin Pasha, regarding the mitzvah we find ourselves most drawn to.


by Charlene Hakimi

            The mitzvah I feel most draw to performing is Netilat Yadayim. I love the water. Water is so beautiful and mystical to me. It is a liquid, a thing, that comes from the Earth, or the sky, or the Heavens, or HaShem Himself. It is clear yet full of all nutrients. It goes in my body easily. I thirst for water. I love to drink it, and I love to swim in it, and I love to stand under it. I love the feeling of water on my hands.

            The other mitzvah that I am drawn to perform in the future, very soon G-d willing, is the mikveh. That is my ultimate goal. I am so excited to put not just my hands but my whole body in the water, enveloped by something physical that represents HaShem.

            The mitzvah of Netilat Yadayim has saved me from the Kaptzin Pasha and has also brought out the Kaptzin Pasha in me. I used to be so vigorous with this mitzvah that my hands were very dry, and it became a burden to me. It had to be perfect. When I cooled down and learned the halacha better, I was able to enjoy it much more without the stringencies. I learned from this experience that the love of the mitzvah is more important than the stringency of it.

            Netilat Yadayim saved me from the executioner because it made me think about the importance of going to the bathroom. It showed me that I took using the bathroom for granted. The fact that I had a process in the bathroom that had to do with G-d showed me hat G-d even takes care of the lowly things in our lives. He cares for every part of us. He trained me to go from the Sophisticate to the Simpleton in that way.




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