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Audio: The Exchanged Children, Class 2

Class 2 of The Exchanged Children, July 17, 2019
Sponsored by Dr. Eleonora Goudis in Honor of Her Family
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Breslov Audio: Parshat Chukat, The Exchanged Children, and More

Good Shabbos & Shabbat Shalom

Weekly Torah Portion: Parshat Chukat–Speak to Rocks


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Call-in Class: The Exchanged Children

The Water Castle, Body & Soul: Video

p-329-watercastleThe Healing Dance of Body & Soul at BreslovCampus.org

In this class we discuss the Water Castle, the pulse, and the psychospiritual message in Rebbe Nachman’s famous story-within-a-story.

Recommended reading: The Water Castle (with Reb Noson’s Commentary) Compiled and anotated by Dovid Sears.

THE HEALING DANCE OF BODY AND SOUL, PART III – Class 4 from Breslov Research Institute on Vimeo.

Class 4, Semester 3 with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

My Favorite Rebbe Nachman Story: The Sophisticate & The Simpleton

Leon Kroll Rondout NY 1920One of the biggest obstacles in the search for truth is other people, especially those who make fun of religion with sophisticated jokes… –The Advice Book

My current favorite Breslov tale is The Sophisticate and the Simpleton.(My favorite tale of Rebbe Nachman’s is always the one I’m reading at the moment.)

It’s easy to find parallel themes in the lessons in Likutey Moharan and the Rebbe’s stories. In class and b’chavrusa, we’ve been discussing how to have authentic, positive relationships. Especially with one’s self. The discussions are based on the quintessential Breslov teaching, lesson 282 in Likutey Moharan, known as Azamra.

At the end of the Azamra talk, we’ve been reading aloud from The Sophisticate and the Simpleton. This important yet humorous  story offers a fascinating counterpoint and commentary on some of the themes of Azamra.

The Sophisticate

The Sophisticate is an expert in business, philosophy, and medicine. Continue reading My Favorite Rebbe Nachman Story: The Sophisticate & The Simpleton

The Water Castle: A Story Within A Story


watercastleThere was a castle made of water.

It had ten walls, one inside the other, all made of water. The floors inside the castle were also made of water. This castle also had trees and fruit, all made of water.

It goes without saying how beautiful this castle was, and how unusual. A castle of water is certainly something wonderful and unusual.

The Seven Beggars, The Stories of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

The Water Castle: An in-depth look at Rebbe Nachman’s classic story within a story, translated by Dovid Sears, is a thoughtful, in places lyrical, translation of the commentary of Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s leading student. Reb Nosson gives soul-stirring insights into The Water Castle, which is part of a larger story, The Seven Beggars.

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