Join This All-New Soul-Workshop Starting Wednesday, June 12 in Manhattan

Starting this Wednesday, 7:30 pm at the JCC Manhattan: Rebbe Nachman and You: Contemplative Writing From the Soul
Do you feel inner conflict?
In life, is there something we’re reaching for, but can’t quite grasp?
What is the message of the soul?
Join Chaya Rivka Zwolinski of BRI Women for Rebbe Nachman and You: Contemplative Writing From the Soul  (and bring a friend!)

This time we’ll employ writing prompts and stimulating discussion on one of Rebbe Nachman’s most powerful stories, The Exchanged Children. We’ll use some traditional commentary as a jumping-off point for our own explorations and do some writing warm ups with a famous parable.

Hosted by Jewish Living – Makom/Jewish Spirituality at the JCC Manhattan

Jun 12, 2019-Jul 10, 2019  (Four Wednesdays from 7:30pm – 9:00pm–except July 3)

(If you can’t make every class, that’s okay, you can catch up with me personally via email.)

Returning for an extended workshop with all-new material: Are you a curious blogger or journal writer, a beginner or published author, or just interested in getting to know more about yourself? Have you ever wanted to write from a deeper place inside you? Nourished by the hidden wellsprings of ancient Jewish wisdom, Rebbe Nachman’s stories are enchanting, dramatic, at times even amusing. But most of all they are elixirs that reveal and heal the soul. In this four-part workshop, we’ll take key concepts from these stories for writing prompts, and then write in your choice of several genres, such as narrative essay or memoir, poetry, lists, expository essay or free-form journaling, and more. Share and discuss. Be inspired and discover new aspects of self.

Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, Director, BRI Women teaches the wisdom of the renowned Chassidic master Rebbe Nachman live as well as online at and blogs for; is co-author of Therapy Revolution (HCI), and The Parent-Child Dance (Feldheim) and other books; and travels with women to Hasidic Ukraine.




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