Debbie Rubinstein: Creative Writing from the Breslov Contemplative Writing Workshop

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These two original pieces by Debbie Rubinstein are from prompts for The Sophisticate and The Simpleton. Short but potent, they’ll make you think.


What is Your Three-Cornered Shoe

by Debbie Rubinstein

The perfect shape: a triangle, it can be drawn inside a circumference or a square.
Seen as perfection, one can apply it to all those ” not so perfect ” end of stories ” anecdotes and make them adjust to touch in 3 points any surface.

The climbing of the first side gets me to the top only to slide down on the second side, hitting bottom to recover, maybe crawl back into the climbing again.
That has been life.
Ups, downs or maybe just ups if I push hard and turn that circle that surrounds me into another phase.

Continuing to grow up since childhood, looking for balance in that constant triangle, back and forth, that’s what life is all about.

Has the speed of that constant turning changed with age?



Letters to and from My Inner Sophisticate and Simpleton

By Debbie Rubinstein

My dear Sophisticate,

Are you done with the glamour and the glitter that you want us to see in you?
If so, do you think my simplicity could be of value to your crown?

Yes, Simpleton, I actually like your idea. You have that quality my crown was missing and the addition of that simplicity will contribute like a sophisticated attribute.

The Simpleton celebrated the connection with the Sophisticate and answered the letter with modesty and acceptance.
After all, he said, we live together, we might as well show it to the world.




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