A New Breslov WhatsApp Group for Women

Sofia Park, Uman Photo by Lisa Rosenblatt

Our recent Uman trip, was challenging and rich with rewards. We each returned inspired, if a bit overwhelmed by all the wonders this trip revealed.

Lauren Zahavi decided to launch a WhatsApp group for the women who went, which she did, and in no time at all it was loaded up with heartwarming photos, videos, and other posts from our beloved group members. After asking me to give brief (2-3 minute) Breslov lessons for that group, Lauren began a new WhatsApp group for anyone who wanted a dose of inspiration but who didn’t have a lot of time.

You can join, too. Just follow this link to the BRI Women WhatsApp group and you’ll have access to short but sweet lessons of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings as well as news about BRI Women programs.

The first lessons are about Rebbe Nachman’s remedies. We begin with remedies you can apply in your life: choosing simcha (joy), embracing temimus (simple sincerity), believing you can start over, forgetting heartache, and more.

And if you’d like to learn more, please visit the Breslov Research Institute’s newest program, BRI Women–and be inspired with life-changing programs, new publications, trips to Ukraine, and more.





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  1. B”H Shalom Chayarivka, I live in London and have been working to prepare a TuB’Shevat Haggadah. I would appreciate your blessing to use the image of 2 pears hanging from a branch which you have used in your article, The Blessing of TuB’Shevat. All the proceeds from this Haggadah will ge to buying and planting fruit trees in Israel. Kol tov
    Joseph Berke jhberke@aol.com

    1. I believe it is a copyright-free photo which I got from Wikipedia or somewhere, so perhaps you might want to do a Google search for the image and see if you are allowed to use it in print?
      Hatzlacha with your Tu B’Shvat Haggadah.

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