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Free, Live, Interactive, Online Courses Starting this Sunday, November 20th–Click on  Link and Sign Up to Receive Class Reminder Emails

This Sunday, November 20 – Meir Elkabas
The Tzaddik and You

For some the idea of the Tzaddik can be challenging to understand, but the concept of the Tzaddik, a righteous individual and the shepherd of the Jewish people, is one that is rooted in Torah Judaism. Perhaps most recognizably in the beloved figure of Moses, our humble but great teacher. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov emphasized the importance of connecting to the Tzaddikim of the generation, the special individuals who are able to elevate each prayer to its proper place…

Yehudis Golshevsky (Starting the following Sunday, November 27)
Rebbe Nachman’s Stories: The Exchanged Children

For women only

This class will focus on the insights that Rebbe Nachman’s story The Exchanged Children offers into the nature of the relationship between body and soul; the necessary challenges and “exchanges” of the human condition; the roots of addictive behaviors and how to heal from them; the role of the tzaddik in catalyzing change; the re-balancing of our conflicted natures, and more…

Mordechai Kaufman (Starting Monday, November 21)
A Unique Freedom

In this moving lesson (Likutey Moharan 15) Rebbe Nachman reveals the true nature and experience of Yirat Hashem, Fear of G-d, which is the essence of Divine Service. The path to this ‘ultimate goal’ requires faith and trust, prayer, hitbodedut (intense meditative prayer) study, and connecting to Hashem via the mitzvot…

Chaya Rivka Zwolinski (Starting Monday, November 21)
The Healing Dance of Body and Soul, contd. 

For women only

Is there a holistic healing modality that is rooted in Jewish mysticism that is still relevant today?
In The Healing Dance of Body and Soul we’ll come to a richer understanding of why God houses our soul in this brilliantly complex home we call “my body”, the paradoxical interplay between body and soul, and a fresh yet ancient outlook on health and healing…

Yossi Katz (Weekly, Recorded Shiur)
Mayim, Mayim

Breslov wisdom encourages us to understand that no matter our external circumstances, whether we live in a palace or a prison cell, we have the power of free will to transform ourselves and achieve closeness to God. Self-transformation is an essential gift of Judaism, and a theme woven by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov throughout Likutey Moharan…




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