Women’s Trip to Uman 2021


Rebbe Nachman vowed in the presence of two witnesses: “If someone comes to my grave, gives a coin to charity and says these ten Psalms (the Tikkun Haklali), I will pull him out from the depths of Gehinnom (hell).

We have a tradition that Gehinnom isn’t just in the next world, it can be in this world, too. Today, many people are experiencing an urgent need to uplift themselves spiritually and find their personal tikkun. Rebbe Nachman’s promise is not for an elite few, it’s for everyone, including you.

Would you like to pray at Rebbe Nachman’s gravesite?

Over the past few weeks, some of you have contacted me about traveling to Uman. Safety concerns permitting, we’re planning to take a small group of women to Uman, Ukraine, in 2021, IyH. Our goal is to provide a wonderful, uplifting spiritual experience as we visit the kivrei tzaddikim in Uman, Breslov, Berditchev, and Medzhybizh (circumstances permitting.) We’re looking at various options now and hope to make a decision sometime after Pesach. We’d like to schedule a trip for May, June or July, and we hope to be able to give at least month’s notice before we leave, IyH, though shorter notice may be a possibility.

If you are interested in joining a Breslov Woman trip Uman this year, please use the form below to submit your name and contact information. Please type UMAN TRIP in the message box. This does not obligate you to join the trip, it is just a request to receive announcements regarding a possible Uman trip.

I can’t wait to return to Uman and share Rebbe Nachman’s teachings with you in this most holy place! B’H, we’ll be able to travel together this year.

With hope and joy,

Chaya Rivka

Please note: Ukraine is experiencing many changes due to health and economic factors that will most likely limit our options for amenities. This will require us all to be a little more flexible. Those of you who have traveled with me in the past with the BRI/Uman Experience trips know that I take your comfort and safety seriously.




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