Who Is The Real Jewish Messiah?

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From the introduction to Mashiach: Hope for Turbulent Times:

Do you have a sense that the world is racing towards an unavoidable turning point? That’s because, according to thousands of years of Jewish wisdom, it is. We are seeing the evidence with our own eyes. People are talking about the global pandemic, a hotly-contested election, glimmers of totalitarianism, and oppressive policies that clamp down on freedom. Various state and local governments are enforcing economically-crippling lockdowns. Small and medium-sized businesses in the hospitality, travel and retail industries have closed their doors forever. Places of worship are being monitored and some have even been shut-down. Politicians seem to prioritize everything except religious freedom. Despite online get-togethers, people are experiencing an unprecedented sense of isolation. It is an uncomfortable, even frightening, time for many. It seems that practically everyone wants to know what will happen in the immediate and long-term future and how best to prepare. People like you and me also want to know what is really going on, on a deeper, spiritual level, and how the coming changes will affect us.

This book is a response to these turbulent times, when so many are talking openly about the Mashiach (Messiah.) The truth is, many people believe in God and believe in His special relationship with the Jewish people, but have sincere questions and doubts about the Mashiach and the world-wide redemption. They find it difficult to believe in or envision the redemption because they have never learned much about it. Others are turned off by confusing pronouncements put forth by some individuals and groups, about the Mashiach’s identity, some of which directly contradict authentic Jewish teachings. Many more are turned off to the idea of the Messiah because they mistakenly believe the concept is from other religions. But it’s the other way around; the nations of the world took this completely Jewish concept, that of the Messiah, twisted it into a pretzel of confusing ideas and entwined it with idol worship.  The result? Jews have been afraid to talk about the Messiah ever since.

All of this confusion can lead some people to feel squeamish about asking questions. (In my own experience, some students prefer to ask questions about Mashiach one on one, because it’s uncomfortable for them to discuss the subject openly.) The goal of this book is to as succinctly as possible answer the basic questions you have about the coming of the Mashiach and the Geulah (the world-wide Redemption). This book aims to provide an elementary understanding of the topic which, if you wish, you can use as a jumping-off point to other Redemption studies.

To help make this book easy to navigate, there are six chapters, each presented in a question-and-answer format, so you can quickly find the answers to the questions most important to you. Chapter titles are in the form of questions and related, italicized questions are included as sub-headings in each chapter. The material in this book relies on straightforward explanations of widely-accepted, authentic Jewish sources and therefore endnotes are provided so you further explore the source material yourself.  Also included is a glossary of terms. To help you learn more about this topic, there is also short list of suggested reading (online and in print.) Rather than just publish this book electronically, we felt it was important to produce a small, inexpensive print version you can carry with you in your pocket or purse, and easily gift to friends and acquaintances.

It is my sincere wish that this little book inspires you to explore more of our rich Jewish teachings about the Mashiach, the Geulah, and faith, and that it begins to answer the questions you have about Mashiach, but were afraid (or embarrassed) to ask. Most of all, may it offer hope, please God, to everyone who reads it.

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