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Jealousy–Don’t Eat Your Heart Out

912880_58851456Someone recently mentioned that there are people who “get high off your misery.”

Could she be right? Are there people who enjoy seeing others suffer or fail?  Sadly, yes.

Fierce competition, which may lead to schadenfreude, is embedded in the Western consciousness. Certainly, it’s part of our popular culture, and finds a home in spectator sports, academia, and the media. Even Especially in political opinion pieces written by some of our most esteemed journalists and pundits.

Of course, this all trickles down to everyday life.

Just as sad is the fact there are also people who feel miserable when someone else succeeds, even someone they consider a friend. Jealousy consumes them. They metaphorically “eat their heart out,” whenever a friend receives revealed blessings or achieves spiritual or material success. Continue reading Jealousy–Don’t Eat Your Heart Out