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NEW Short Breslov Videos from Breslov Research Institute

Proof That Freedom of Choice Is Real
How does the sin of the golden calf prove that freedom of choice exists? Chaya Rivka Zwolinski explains.

Emunah Brings Blessings
Faith brings blessings into your life. Chaya Rivka Zwolinski explains.

Staying Sane in A Crazy World
The world has gone crazy. Rebbe Nachman’s parable, The Tainted Grain, explains how to hang on to your real self. Chaya Rivka Zwolinski explains.


Packed With Breslov Classes, Workshops & Inspiration

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Breslov Healing Shabbaton and Sunday Program Schedule 2018

Breslov Healing: Mind, Body and Soul Shabbaton is packed with inspiring classes and activities–but don’t worry, if you can’t stay for the entire weekend, you can come just for the Sunday program!

NEW: Audio Mini-lessons Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies

41 When Hashem Is Concealed Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

42 Arizal’s Yartzheit Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

43 Broken Hearted, Not Depressed Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

44 The Power Of YOUR Prayers Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

45 Parshas Devarim Judging Others Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies BRI Women

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Shabbat Shalom.