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Humility is Good (Unless it's Fake) BRI Video

Breslov Video: Pirkey Avot Advice for Life Class 4

Will Breslov Teachings Turn Me Into A Narcissist?

Max LiebermannDear Breslov Woman,

Breslovers are always talking about finding your good points.

If you focus so much on your good points you’ll probably turn into an egomaniac.

Whatever happened to humility?


Dear Beth,

Amazing!  This important question was asked (in slightly different words) by a learning partner as well as someone attending a recent class. Clearly your concern is shared by others.

Finding and focusing on your good points cannot lead to arrogance or narcissism if the good points you focus are nourished by emes, truth.

Truth in this case requires an awareness of Continue reading Will Breslov Teachings Turn Me Into A Narcissist?

Be Truly Humble & Remember How Great You Are

1200px-Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2_PLW_editTrue Humility

A person should never let his own smallness, insignificance and humility cover up his true greatness. For sometimes a person downgrades himself to excess and forgets that he still has many amazing attributes.

Teaching of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

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Photo of Mt. Everest from Wikipedia.org.


Two Keys To Overcoming Anger

2699The Rebbe told his followers how he had worked on overcoming his negative traits. When he was young he had a hot temper, and became angry at the “slightest provocation.”

But he yearned to be a good and kind person, as God also desires each of us to be. Continue reading Two Keys To Overcoming Anger