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Healing Netzach & Hod: Video

The Healing Dance of Body & Soul, Video Class for Women: Topics include: Feet, Legs, Faith and Atheism, Arrogance and Humility, Healthy Speech, Joy, Dancing, Jewish spirituality and Jewish law, Netzach and Hod, Yesod, connecting to the Tzaddik, and more.

Healing Hands, Healing Herbs & The Angels *Video

The Healing Dance of Body and Soul Class for Women: A BreslovCampus Video with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski:

Topics include: Clapping hands-50 Levels, Growing (inside out and outside in), Healing Hands and the 10 Utterances of Creation, the Archangels, the Angels of the Healing Herbs, Wheat and Bread, the 10 Commandments, Torah and Healing, Netzach and Hod, Assertive Right Leg, Humble Left Leg, Balance and Personal Growth, The Kabbalistic Sefirot and Our Bodies, and more. Scroll down for video. Continue reading Healing Hands, Healing Herbs & The Angels *Video

Video: Healing Dance of Body & Soul-Breathing & The Nose

More about the Chassidus of breathing, the breath, the nose, the mouth and more as we continue with The Healing Dance of Body and Soul based on the Anatomy of the Soul by Chaim Kramer and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.


THE HEALING DANCE OF BODY AND SOUL Part III Class 6 from Breslov Research Institute on Vimeo.

Healing Body & Soul Tonight

pexels-photo-largeThe Healing Dance Of Body & Soul

Join me at BreslovCampus.org tonight, Monday November 28th at 8 pm (EST), for a discussion of Anatomy of the Soul. Tonight’s topic will be the brain/mentalities, applying your intellectual awareness in a personally meaningfully way, your feminine intuition, and more.

(Scroll down for last week’s class.) Continue reading Healing Body & Soul Tonight