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A Shabbat Song

An Iraqi melody to Kah Ribon, on oud and other instruments.

Music is a vital Jewish spiritual practice. The importance of music, lyric, and melody to Judaism and particularly to Breslov Chassidus can’t be overestimated. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov encourages us to sing, dance, and connect to our deepest spiritual self through song, for through song we become happy, and happiness is a great mitzvah.

Sing many songs at the Shabbos table. Pay no attention to any obstacles. Others at the table may show little desire to sing, but you should still do your part. Make a determined effort to sing happily. Lead the Shabbos table with happiness, because the main thing is the joy of Shabbat.

—Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Kah Ribon is a zemer, one of the zemiros (songs) we sing on Shabbos. Zemer* means song. Zemer also means “to prune”. Pruning involves cutting away excess matter to strengthen the core, the roots. Continue reading A Shabbat Song