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Healing Hands, Healing Herbs & The Angels *Video

The Healing Dance of Body and Soul Class for Women: A BreslovCampus Video with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski:

Topics include: Clapping hands-50 Levels, Growing (inside out and outside in), Healing Hands and the 10 Utterances of Creation, the Archangels, the Angels of the Healing Herbs, Wheat and Bread, the 10 Commandments, Torah and Healing, Netzach and Hod, Assertive Right Leg, Humble Left Leg, Balance and Personal Growth, The Kabbalistic Sefirot and Our Bodies, and more. Scroll down for video. Continue reading Healing Hands, Healing Herbs & The Angels *Video

Bread And Breslov Joy

challahPassover’s over, and we’re all looking forward to eating Challah this Shabbos.

This raises a question: Why does chometz—leavened grain such as bread—become permissible to eat after Passover?

By the time Passover arrives, we ‘re in a chometz-free frenzy. We’re taught that chometz is likened to anger or arrogance; it’s all puffed-up with itself. We’re also taught that chometz symbolizes sadness and depression. Considering a Jew is supposed to be gentle and forgiving, humble and happy, how come we’re allowed to eat it at all?

The holy Zohar tells us that the reason we’re allowed to eat chometz the rest of the year is because Continue reading Bread And Breslov Joy

Free-Will Angels

If God knows the future, how can free will exist?

How are we able to make truly autonomous decisions if God already knows what we’ll choose?

If God is intimately involved in guiding our lives, then how can our personal free will co-exist with his Providence?

For Rebbe Nachman’s Answer continue reading at Breslov.org and be sure to check out the rest of the site!

Photo by AirBete, Wikipedia