Something New to Look Forward To: More Breslov Classes for Women in January 2022!

Welcome to BreslovWoman. You need some inspiration as only Rebbe Nachman can deliver, which is why we’re inviting you to join us for free Breslov classes and events for women on ZOOM, Podcasts/Conference Calls and Live programs.

Please download and/or share our January (Tevet-Shevat) Program Calendar (Scroll down for PDF, beneath sponsorship information.) More workshops and classes are under discussion, so continue to visit, or better yet, subscribe (see right side column) to keep up to date. If you’d like free daily mini-lessons along with your class announcements, join the BreslovWoman Whatsapp group, use this invitation link. Also, visit and subscribe to our Breslov YouTube channel to easily access video classes and podcasts.

Important Note: Thank you to our sponsors and donors who help us offer these programs free of charge to women on six continents, may it be a merit and a source of blessing for them. If you are enjoying and benefitting from BreslovWoman classes, will you please consider helping women like you find inspiration, education and joy through Rebbe Nachman’s teachings? General donations and specific sponsorships are urgently needed. You can make a dedication in honor or memory of a loved one or friend, for a refuah sheleimah or shidduch, or any reason at all. Please scroll down for sponsorship information.

Photo: In Breslov Winter, by Vladi Melnik


For January 2022 and Tevet-Shevat 5782

Dear Friend of BreslovWoman,

Do you find inspiration & joy from learning with Do you feel that your friends, family and other women like you could benefit from our unique approach to psychospiritual growth, creativity, and joy?

If you do, will you please join us in making sure that our free programs can continue? We lost our major funding and we’re really finding it difficult (though of course with emunah, bitachon and Rebbe Nachman’s bracha) to continue our programs. If you are someone who has attended our free programs but not had the opportunity to sponsor, would you please consider helping? Together, we can have the zechut to share Rebbe Nachman’s joy!

May the merit of supporting Rebbe Nachman’s teachings bring blessing into your life!

With joyful appreciation,
Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Here’s how you can help. Make a dedication/sponsor a program today!

INSIDE JUDAISM SERIES: $100 per dedication. Limited number of dedications available for each class. To sponsor full class or series, contact for more information
BRESLOV LUNCHTIME LEARNING: $180 per class (one sponsor per class)
MINI LESSON: $36, per daily lesson (one sponsor/one dedication per lesson); $180 per week; 360 for two weeks; $720 for an entire month (4 weeks, 20 lessons including 4 Parsha sponsorships on Erev Shabbat)
SPONSOR BRESLOVWOMAN with a MONTHLY SPONSORSHIP: Make an ongoing monthly donation. General donations $180 per month and above will have their dedications featured on the website. Donations of $500 per month will receive your dedication featured on the website, plus a mini-lesson dedication.
MAKE A MUCH-NEEDED GENERAL OPERATIONAL DONATION: Every donation $1000 or above receives a free, personalized one-hour learning and/or coaching with Chaya Rivka via ZOOM or phone plus a mini-lesson dedication.




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