Joy–Your Spiritual Task

To find joy is the hardest thing of all. It is harder than all other spiritual tasks…Put all your energy into being happy. — Rebbe Nachman of Breslov The Rebbe tells us that, if need be, we should force ourselves to be happy. Of course, this advice is not politically correct. From today’s psychological viewpoint, forcing … Continue reading Joy–Your Spiritual Task

Personalize Your Passover & Prepare For JOY

There is an amazing concept in Judaism, one which radically contradicts the spirit of a life based on the hard-won freedoms of the contemporary world, and which would be puzzling to most Westerners. That is, when a person performs a mitzva simply because it is commanded by God, the merit is greater than for one who performs a mitzvah out of other motives … Continue reading Personalize Your Passover & Prepare For JOY