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Dear BreslovWoman Friends:

Some of you requested that I repost videos and articles while I’m on a health break. I’ll try to post more collections around specific themes when I’m able. This post contains just a few of the many BreslovWoman videos and articles on Healing Your Relationships, one of the most requested BreslovWoman topics.

Why is the topic of relationships a perennial favorite? Because we all need to heal our relationships with Hashem, with each other, and with ourselves throughout our entire lives – no exceptions! This is why I’ve been sharing Rebbe Nachman’s teachings on relationships since 2012 through various Heal Your Relationships and Mastering the Art of Relationships classes and workshops at BreslovWoman, Breslov Research Institute and BreslovCampus, on YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud, and live lectures in New York and New Jersey.

You can bring healing to most of your relationships with the help of Hashem and the wisdom of Rebbe Nachman. If you struggle to heal a relationship on the external level (like making open peace with someone who might not want to) there is still hope because you can bring healing to your relationship internally, in your mind and heart. Join me for this recent discussion with Vera Kessler. Listen to the Podcast or watch the Video on YouTube: 

Dealing with Difficult Relationships (click for short audio)

Don’t Look to Others for Self-Worth (click for short video on youtube)

Short Video on Jealousy (click for short video on youtube)

Short Video on Good Relationships and Azamra (click to watch video on youtube)

Azamra: A New Vision of Self and Relationships (click and scroll down to watch the six-part video series on vimeo)

Conflict and Loving Your Friends  (click for short article)

Holy Self Esteem & Your Relationship with Yourself(click to watch video on youtube)

One of the most potent sources of negativity in relationships is anger and resentment. Angry? Try Rebbe Nachman’s Path to Tranquility listen to Podcasts on SoundCloud or click to watch the six-part video series on youtube

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