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WATCH VIDEO Psalms Chapter 6, Healing Your Eyes- A 30 Minute Tehillim Class

by chaya rivka z

We explore the sixth chapter of Psalms in this video.

Topics include:
Sheminit: The Messianic Harp
King David and Batsheva
Desire of the Eyes
A Good Eye
An Evil Eye
King David’s Illness (13 years bedridden!)
Hashem’s Grace (The Treasury of Unearned Gifts)
Knowing why we Suffer
And moreā€¦

Do you feel like it’s difficult to connect to Sefer Tehillim – The Book of Psalms?

Do you wish you knew more about their deeper meaning, how they were written, and why they are considered so vital to our spiritual growth and return to God?

In Psalms for Life, a weekly 30 minutes class, we’ll explore the historical, spiritual and textual richness of the Book of Psalms. At the end of each class we will recite Psalms together as a merit for anyone seeking a Refuah Sheleimah, a complete healing/recovery.

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Rebbe Nachman spoke about the incredible power of saying Psalms, explaining that if we actually knew how valuable they were, we’d say Tehillim all the time. Join me for a short and sweet class Psalms for Life, Wednesday mornings, Register once here and get the link that will gain you free access for the entire series.

11 am ET; 10 am CT; 9 am MT; 8 am MT; 6 pm Israel Time

Please visit our Psalms for Life Playlist on our YouTube channel for previous classes.

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