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LISTEN to PODCAST: Rebbe Nachman on Da’at Class 3

by chaya rivka z

We explore Rebbe Nachman’s teachings on Da’at (Holy Awareness and Understanding) from the sefer, Advice. Today’s topics include:

The Menorah of the Face (LM 21)

How to Elevate and Sanctify
Your Mouth–Truth and Refined Speech
Your Eyes–Looking Away from Evil Sights and Seeing the Good in Others
Your Ears–Keeping Confidences and Listening to the Tzaddikim
Your Nostrils–Avoiding Arrogance, Impatience and Anger; Breathing in Humility, Patience and Tolerance

The Holy, Everyday Character Improvements the Jewish Mystics, Tzaddikim and Kabbalists used to Transform their Spirituality and Receive Da’at and Ruach Hakodesh (a type of prophecy) and How You Can Too!

Free Will

Humans vs Angels

With authentic, PRACTICAL TOOLS you can use to challenge negative thoughts and feelings.

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Rebbe Nachman on Da’at Class 3

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