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NEW! The Lost Princess Breslov Writing Workshop Starting Soon

by chaya rivka z

Join us for a creative-writing experience unlike any other. The Lost Princess, perhaps Rebbe Nachman’s most iconic tale, has been the most popular live and call-in workshop since 2016. Hundreds of women have taken part!

Now, for the first time, we’re offering The Lost Princess Contemplative Writing Workshop on ZOOM. We’ll explore the dual meaning of the Princess and your deep connection to her (the Shechina & the Neshama); who the Viceroy is in your life; and explore many other elements of this rich psychospiritual tale. You’ll listen to and read the story, receive meaningful and motivating creative-writing prompts, write and share your work in a supportive, dynamic classroom discussion. You may also have the opportunity to have your work published in the upcoming BreslovWoman Journal.

To ensure that each participant gets the most from this experience, class size is kept small. To register or for more information email Chaya Rivka at crzbreslov@gmail.com or text your name to 917-348-1573. Reserve your space today!

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