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LISTEN Podcast: Azamra! Sing the Song of Your Soul (Class 2)

by chaya rivka z

Class 2 of Azamra! Sing the Song of Your Soul (scroll down for information about upcoming classes)

Azamra: Sing the Song of Your Soul Class 2

NEW TIME: 12:30 pm on Wednesdays (class is approximately 30 to 45 minutes)

Call 712-770-4598 and enter passcode: 144097# to join in live class

Come learn Azamra* using a deep psychospiritual approach in this live audio class. Discover your unique, beautiful nikuda tova (good point) and you will come to understand how precious you are to Hashem. Rebbe Nachman and Reb Noson encouraged us to learn Azamra repeatedly throughout our lives. It might be your first time, it might be your tenth, but: Don’t miss out on this essential lesson!

Azamra will take place over the course of several weeks. Chaya Rivka’s been developing and teaching this unique approach for over a decade (in group classes and one-on-one.) After learning Azamra with Chaya Rivka, students have gone on to incorporate and apply what they learned to relationships as well as to their professions. Previous students have included Torah teachers, secular studies/fine arts teachers and college professors, visual artists, writers, psychotherapists, scientists, medical doctors, nurses, filmmakers, attorneys, businesswomen, moms, grandmothers, and women from all walks of life. Now it’s your turn!

*BreslovWoman’s famous original companion lesson, Holy Self-Esteem, will be scheduled in the near future, IyH. Holy Self-Esteem began a decade ago and has been taught in person and online at BreslovCampus. Now we want to bring it to everyone, live on Zoom. We need sponsors for this course. Please email crzbreslov @gmail.com if you would like to have the merit of sharing Breslov inspiration and joy for women and to dedicate a class in honor or memory of someone or for a special merit.

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