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Special Program: The Kabbalah of Joy (Hadassah Atid)

by chaya rivka z

This special introductory program is live on Zoom, Tuesday, March 9th, at 7:00 PM and is designed for Hadassah members and their friends and families. Everyone is welcome. If you know someone who would appreciate an introduction to authentic Jewish teachings on joy, Jewish mysticism, and Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, please share! This is a great program for people who may not have experience with these teachings. Click here to register.

Everyone has faced loss and emotional challenges in the past year. People are talking about the global pandemic, radicalism and terror, and economic uncertainty. People are feeling more isolated than ever before. Is there hope? Is happiness and joy possible?

Yes! Says the Kabbalah and the teachings of the Jewish mystics. In fact, the darkest times offer the greatest potential for national and personal hope and even joy.

In this talk by teacher and author Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, you’ll learn about:

  • The exile of joy and the Shechina (how you relate to the feminine indwelling Divine Presence.)
  • Is joy a mitzvah? (What’s a mitzvah?)
  • The politically incorrect advice of the Jewish mystics (“May the force be with you.”)
  • The key to joy according to the kabbalists (Self-evaluation and finding your good points)
  • Start your journey to joy (Searching for your Lost Princess and other relationships.)

And much more. Click here to register.

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