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LISTEN to BRESLOV PODCAST: MASTER OF PRAYER CLASS 9 (For Rosh Chodesh Adar-The Land of Joy! and the Land of Wisdom)

by chaya rivka z

Topics for this week’s class: Land of Joy, Land of Wisdom, What is joy? What does Rebbe Nachman really teach about simcha? What is wisdom? Wine and Liquor, PhDs and MRSs and more…with some fascinating student questions and comments

You can listen to the recordings of previous classes, below:

class 1 Civilization, Money, Hitbodedut, Desire

class 2 The Land of Money, Chanukah Gelt, Educating and Rectifying, the Power of Imagination

class 3 Money and the Chashmonaim, Money as a Deity (Worshipping Money), The Messiah (Mashiach ben Yosef)

class 4 The Meaning of the Hand, Finding Yourself in Torah, The Priestly Blessing, Using Your Hands in Prayer, The Secret/Manifesting Wealth

class 5 The Sefirot & the Characters, The Wise Man, The Child, Finding Yourself in the Story

class 6 The Turbulent Hurricane, The Child, The Warrior, The Goal of Life, The Desire for Personal Honor, The Nasty Beggar, Finding yourself in the story and the story in you

class 7 The Land of Murder, The Land of Abundant Food, Murder, Soul Murder, Jealousy, Unlocking the Spiritual Nutrition in your Food, Refined Eating

class 8 The Land of Beautiful Women; The Land of (Free) Speech; The Good Point of Beauty and the Negative Point of Beauty, Are we Swayed and even Manipulated by Beauty?, What is Beauty?, The Worship of Beauty, Talking a lot and Speaking Eloquently–Do these Attributes Imply Wisdom? The Crazy Frenchman, and more

Join me for Rebbe Nachman’s brilliant allegorical-Kabbalistic tale, The Master of Prayer. Free live call-in at 12:15 EST on Wednesdays. While all the Rebbe’s stories and teachings are relevant for all times, this is one in which the current American and global situation will positively reverberate throughout the tale! We travel with the Rebbe through various lands (the land where they worship money, the land where they worship physical strength, and so on) and meet characters that help us make sense of our own journeys, the Master of Prayer, the Warrior, the King, the Queen, and so on. Of course, it is also packed with psychospiritual exploration for us to delve into personally, and connect to emotionally, as well.

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With joy,

Chaya Rivka

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