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Writings from The Lost Princess

by chaya rivka z

During the Breslov home-learning series, we did a writing workshop featuring Rebbe Nachman’s story, The Lost Princess. Students submitted a variety of powerful prose and poetry. Those who gave permission for their pieces to be published are posted. We’ll begin with two poems. (Please note: The first poem is in a PDF format. Just click, download and open.)

Please May I Come Home (Poem by Rivka Wax)

                 Change by Anath Garber                                                             

It was many and many years ago ,
In this kingdom of my kitchen
a friend was visiting
He sipped some mint tea
It was summer. I cooked
We laughed and joked
Then A joke at his expense
The content of which
I do not recall
As we laughed
he said “ ouch”
His face in pain
I hurt his feelings
I did not mean
My daughter’s face
Same “ ouch” on her face
I did hurt them
I did not mean
My son?
Where did I learn the skill?
What for?
To sound clever
There and then I resolved
to never ever joke
At anyone’s expense
And I never did
To the point that
I do not even recall
How I used to do that.
from the kingdom
Of my soul

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