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Podcast: Searching for the Lost Princess Class 1 w/Chaya Rivka Z



The Lost Princess: Discover your inner lost princess.

Wednesdays at 12:15 pm (NY Time) join us for a psychospiritual exploration of Rebbe Nachman’s classic tale. Bring a journal or notebook, optional, and enrich your experience – suggested writing prompts.

Listen to the recording and catch up with Class 1 in the series: We begin the first story in Sippurey Maasios, The Lost Princess. We read through and explore this tale with traditional commentary &  psychospiritual insights. For those of you who’ve attended past writing workshops with me based on Rebbe Nachman’s stories, you’ll be familiar with the idea of writing prompts, which I will occasionally introduce in this phone class. New students: Bring a notebook! (Optional) You’ll be welcome to share your writing on BreslovWoman.org and in the Facebook Breslov Woman group.

To join the WhatsApp group for daily mini lessons and announcements for live phone, video and in-person classes use this invitation: 


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