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New Breslov! Personal Growth

by chaya rivka z

New Feature at Breslov.org   Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies Mini-Lessons are Now a Mini-Blog

Click for this week’s post “Believe in Yourself”

Whether or not you are a member of the RebbeNachman’s Remedies WhatsApp group*, you’ll find a new feature at Breslov.org (and Breslov.org/BRI Women). Each Monday a shareable written adaptation of a mini-lesson will be posted. Please share, comment and like.

Won’t you join Breslov Research Institute and me and sponsor a weekly post, a month’s worth of posts, or more? You can dedicate them in memory or honor of someone, for a refuah sheleimah, a shidduch or parnassah (a good income). Contact me at chayarivkaz@breslov.org for this easy and tax deductible mitzvah.

For daily audio mini-lessons on your phone join our WhatsApp group. Be sure to give at least 24 hours (and up to 72 hours) for the shiurim to activate. You will not see old mini-lessons as a new member, but you can hear them right here, at BreslovWoman.org each week.

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