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JCC Manhattan – You’re Invited To Learn More About Rebbe Nachman’s Meditation

by chaya rivka z


This coming Sunday, January 28, 2018—9:30AM – 5:15PM is the Annual Day of Kabbalah: Kabbalah and Meditation at the JCC Manhattan sponsored by the Center for Jewish Living – Makom/Jewish Spirituality and The Carlebach Shul

Speakers include Rabbi Avraham Sutton, Rabbi Dov Ber Pinson, Rabbi Naftali Citron, Chaya Rivka Zwolinski, and more. The JCC Manhattan is located at 334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023.

This program will have mixed seating.

For information and registration, visit the JCC Website

I’ll be speaking about Rebbe Nachman’s Hitbodedut: Simplicity Through Connection

Sometimes we have clarity. Much of the time we don’t. Throughout his teachings, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov describes the confounding complexity of our inner world and our desire for clarity, purpose and joy.
Hitbodedut, a talking-meditation unique to each person, time and place, has been practiced by Jewish prophets, mystics and laypeople since ancient times. Yeshuv hadaat (a clear and settled mind) is one of the benefits of a personal hitbodedut practice.

First prescribed by Rebbe Nachman in the 1700s, today hitbodedut is popularly associated with the Breslov spiritual path. Because of its relevance to the contemporary seeker yearning for a simpler connection to self and Creator, this authentic Jewish meditation form is beginning to enjoy a world-wide revival.

Chaya Rivka Zwolinski is a Breslov teacher, coach, and author, and the director of the Breslov Research Institute’s new program, BRI Women, as well as contributor to BreslovCampus.org and Breslov.org. She is currently working on a new collection of Breslov women’s writing and art called Rebbe Nachman: A Woman’s Treasury. She leads trips for women to Chassidic Ukraine with BRI Uman Experience. She teaches classes and workshops using a psycho-spiritual approach to shaping and healing our relationships with the Creator, other people, and ourselves. She can be reached at briwomen @breslov.org.


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