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Video: Rebbe Nachman’s Ayeh, Class 3

by chaya rivka z

Video Class for Women

Video: In class three of Ayeh 101: Shine A Light on Confusion, Doubts and Darkness, we talk about this week’s Torah portion, Beshallach, how the Egyptians and Pharaoh and how this relates to Ayeh, different ways of falling down and what to do, what is the greatest expression of Hashem’s glory, turning to God when we’re mentally, emotionally, physically down, suffering, emunah and doubts, who our biggest enemies are, the Olah sacrifice in the Holy Temple in Yerushalayim and how this relates to the concept of Ayeh, what the sheep represents, and much more about how to understand the message of Ayeh, no matter what level you’re on.

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Zina Katz January 26, 2018 - 4:32 pm

Just writing to wish you a good shabbos. I love this woman’s class. She is sooo real.
Hope all is well and things are getting better.
Love you so much,

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