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Workshop For Women

by chaya rivka z


Tonight, Wednesday, March 2 at 9:00 pm (EST)

You Can Heal Your Intimate Life-The Soul Connection

A special online workshop for women on healing intimacy, past, present and future.

Special Update: The Schulman family is providing partial scholarships to those who need them—we don’t want to turn anyone away. If you find the $18 fee isn’t doable for you,  please email  me at chayarivka@ breslovwoman.org for more information. For more information about the class, visit Imamother. Be sure to sign up early so your registration can be processed. If you don’t receive your confirmation email by 7:00 pm, please email chayarivka@ breslovwoman.org

Register Here.

This online series is facilitated by Mrs. Chaya Rivka Zwolinski of BreslovCampus.orgBreslovWoman.org, Breslov.org, and PsychCentral.com and it will be hosted by BreslovCampus.org.

Mrs. Zwolinski’s classes are recommended by Rabbi Chaim Kramer, Rabbi Nasan Maimon, Rebbetzin Aidel Miller, and more. Upcoming programs will include: Healing the Past; Rebuilding Connection; Teshuvah for Body, Mind, and Soul; and other classes and workshops, B”H.

Your privacy and confidentiality are assured. You may sign in using a nickname or screen name in our easy and private virtual classroom.

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