The Spiritual Warrior In Your Heart

love-collage-1149532We’ve been discussing the importance of managing our thoughts, but now we’ll discuss Rebbe Nachman’s teachings on the energy residing in our hearts.

In tonight’s Freedom from Fear class at, we’ll explore aspects of fear, courage, and how to tap into the power of your heart. We can access this power with our sincere cries to Hasham.

Each of us has the potential to become a spiritual warrior. (LM II 46) Once we cry out to Hashem from the depths of our heart, we gain new strength.  We’ll also explore some points from other Breslov texts, time permitting.

Use this link to log into your live class at 8:00 pm (EST) or save it to log into the course in the future or to watch the recorded videos.

To log in with your mobile phone or to call in, follow the easy instructions on the course page.

1 thought on “The Spiritual Warrior In Your Heart

  1. Chaya rivka,

    Class five on the liver and spleen was just what I needed to hear on 17 of Tammuz. Fasting bypasses the liver and balances joy and peace. Thanks so much for your hishtadlis!



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