Video: Have A Settled Mind (And More)


THE FREEDOM FROM FEAR MAKEOVER – Class 3 from Breslov Research Institute on Vimeo.

If you were unable to attend Monday night’s free class, watch it above (or listen on SoundCloud.) Topics in this video include: The Anatomy of Anxiety, What Fears and Desires Have in Common, Yishuv Hadaas: How to Achieve A Settled Mind, What Rebbe Nachman’s Life Can Teach Us About Death, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Death, Thank Hashem for the Tzaddik: We All Need Somebody to Lean On and more. It sounds heavy but these teachings of Rebbe Nachman are rich with joy and hope, and are extremely empowering.

Also, don’t forget to join us next time. Save this link and use it to log on: Freedom from Fear Class, Monday 8 pm (EST). Or, visit the course page to get the class on mobile or listen on the phone.

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