Freedom From Fear: Rebbe Nachman Shows Us The Way


Freedom from Fear class. Live, online at

Tonight at 8 pm (est) Easy Access, NO Registration Required!


PHONE IN: New York: +1 (917) 338-1451 For Other Countries: – See Global Access numbers at the bottom of the class page. When prompted, dial this code: 228877#

MOBILE ACCESS: Currently available for iPhone – iPad – Android – BlackBerry
Go to the bottom of the class page and click on your device type.
Download the ClickMeeting Mobile App.
Login by using access code: Meeting ID: 318-967-614

Wish you weren’t worried, anxious, or fearful? Do you wish you had more peace of mind? Are you afraid of specific things? Do you dread certain situations? Do fear and anxiety prevent you from living life to the fullest? 

Living with fear is like living in a psycho-spiritual straitjacket—your fears can hold you back from fulfilling your unique life-mission.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov shows how un-rectified fear is a block to living a joyous, spiritually-connected life. Once we understand the reasons/root of fear and what fear does to us, he gives us the tools we need to transform and elevate all our fears.

The Rebbe’s insight and advice into what it takes to live life courageously are really effective. I have become more brave and less fearful (even conquered certain phobias) with the Rebbe’s wisdom. Yesterday, Judy from Baltimore told me that learning Breslov Chassidus has strengthened her emunah, bitachon, and has helped her grow less fearful. After taking this course, please let me know how the teachings of Rebbe Nachman have helped you!

Starting tonight, Monday at 8:00 PM (EST) and 5:00 PM (PST) join me for The Freedom from Fear Makeover at

You can log on for as many of these classes as you like, you do not have to take the entire semester. Plus, there is no longer any annoying registration process at You can use the links at the beginning of this post or visit this page for the full class description. Then, scroll down for the link to the live class.


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