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Worrying Won’t Help-Honest

CREDIT TO Arturo De Frias MarquesDoes it sometimes feel like you’re barely hanging on and all you can do is worry?

You already know that worry, anxiety, and fear aren’t good for your physical health. But the spiritual side-effects are equally pervasive and even more damaging. According to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, these side-effects negatively impact every aspect of your psycho-spiritual self.

Why is it important to articulate and examine what fear, and its cousins, anxiety and worry, do to us spiritually?

Because fear can creep into virtually all our thoughts and feelings. Once we truly understand the pain it causes and the quicksand it pushes us into, we are more likely to find the motivation we need to get rid of it.

No one does this sifting, clarifying, and analyzing better than Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Rebbe Nachman was light-years beyond of today’s psychological experts in his depth and breadth of knowledge about the psyche.  Today the experts kindasorta know that fear, worry and anxiety might possibly be related to anger, depression, and other painful feelings. But, they don’t have the wisdom or the emunah, to give us lasting, soul-elevating answers rooted in Truth.

Rebbe Nachman clearly shows us that Continue reading Worrying Won’t Help-Honest

Freedom From Fear: Rebbe Nachman Shows Us The Way


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Wish you weren’t worried, anxious, or fearful? Do you wish you had more peace of mind? Are you afraid of specific things? Do you dread certain situations? Do fear and anxiety prevent you from living life to the fullest? 

Living with fear is like living in a psycho-spiritual straitjacket—your fears can hold you back from fulfilling your unique life-mission. Continue reading Freedom From Fear: Rebbe Nachman Shows Us The Way

Welcome To Your World, Be Fearless

124231main_NEW_extrasolar-browseIs the World your (huge) responsibility? Read on…

Recently I read an article which bristled with distaste as it questioned the value of Torah-based personal growth books. Focusing on the self is a selfish indulgence, the article said (in much stronger words), and went on to express the need for the publication of more Universal, non-self-referential, and brilliantly-intellectual explorations of Torah Judaism.

I get the point.

It might seem selfish to focus on the self.

But the truth is that the self, the neshama-in-this-body, is an entire world according to Torah.

More than that: Each of us is responsible for this world called “Self.” Continue reading Welcome To Your World, Be Fearless

The Ups & Downs Of Spiritual Growth

nanaWorking on your spirituality? When you start, it can feel like you’re zooming to the top.

Sure, you know you still hang onto old stuff too, but that old stuff, both inner and outer, is sloughing off little by little.

How does it work?

Let’s say you’re sweetening your spiritual efforts by Continue reading The Ups & Downs Of Spiritual Growth