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Music And Joy Can Help You Talk To God

Sterling2_4728aaMusic and joy can help you to pour out your words like water before God. Continue reading Music And Joy Can Help You Talk To God

What To Look For In A Husband (Short-ish Version)

1269851278Many years ago a wise person I know said that you and a prospective spouse should be able to connect in certain ways. These types of connection are: Continue reading What To Look For In A Husband (Short-ish Version)

Take Three: Do You Have An Identity Crisis?

Change Your Thoughts–Change Your Life. Really.

Fairytale Forest - SunburstYikes. I forgot to press “record” for the mini phone-workshop on “Healing Your Emotions with the Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov” last night. So, I’m posting a few notes from the discussion:

Hashem wants our hearts. Our hearts are the seat of our feelings, our minds are the home of our thoughts.

Most people feel that their thoughts and/or feelings just “happen.” They do not realize that they can decide what to think and by doing so, transform negative feelings to positive feelings.

Our thoughts precede our feelings, not the other way around. Sometimes it may seem like we just suddenly feel something, whether positive or negative, but because the process happens so quickly, we don’t realize that the thought comes first.

In order to change our emotional reality, we must first  Continue reading Change Your Thoughts–Change Your Life. Really.

Take Three: Come Closer To God With Joy

Azamra For Grasshoppers


Healthy and balanced self-esteem is the awareness and appreciation of your good points combined with genuine humility.

Self-knowledge is the first step to self-esteem.

The Torah reading this week, Shelach, offers a glimpse into the dangers of not understanding who you are, not knowing what your mission is, and not seeing yourself clearly. Continue reading Azamra For Grasshoppers

Flood & Faith

Conflict and opposition lifts up a person, just as floodwaters rise and lift up a tree which was lying on the ground. —Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

How is it possible that conflict and opposition can lift up one person when they seem to so easily crush another?

Why does one person grow spiritually from her struggles while another succumbs to despair, apathy, or worse?

What makes the difference?  Continue reading Flood & Faith