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The “100 Years” Tree

by chaya rivka z

Alexandre_Calame_-_Landscape_with_Oaks_-_WGA3764Know! There is a tree on which leaves grow, and each leaf takes one hundred years to grow. This tree which is found in the orchards of the nobility is called “100 Years.” And when it grows for one hundred years it endures what it endures. Then, afterwards, at the end of the 100 years, it emits a loud blast like a canon which is called an ormatya. Understand this parable well. —Likutey Moharan II, 48:3

You are a tree. Your soul-growth and the ups and downs of your relationship with Hashem may be arduous, and may take a very long time. But, like the tree called “100 Years”, no matter how much time goes by, or how withered you feel, your unique vital energy, your spiritual “juice”, is capable of rising like that of a tree’s sap in the spring.

You have to believe you are capable of a blast of absolute emuna and joy.



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